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My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   Rubbermaid, Inc.
é   Rightway Plumbing
é   Sears.com
é   Whitehall Products
é   O'Charley's Inc.
é   AMC Entertainment, Inc.
é   Haan Corporation
é   Walmart
é   Rite Aid
é   Aldi Food Inc

My Shared Letters

é   Bait and Switch - Featured Web site item replaced by knockoff (Posted 6/29/13)
é   Great Customer Care! (Posted 6/22/12)
é   Warranty A Year Short / Fadding receipts (Posted 4/28/12)
é   Cyber Day Shipping Scam! Includes text from online chat (Posted 11/29/10)
é   Great Customer Service (Posted 6/16/10)
é   FREE Shipping NOT! Bait and Switch game with shipping (Posted 11/30/09)
é   Five Star Service at Whitehall Products is Impressive! (Posted 3/5/09)
é   Conjoined Twins Commercial is Just Wrong O'Charley's (Posted 2/17/09)
é   Not Allowed to Use Movie Award at AMC (Posted 1/10/09)
é   Haan Steam Floor Mop (Posted 12/25/08)

My Comments

é   Thanks for the info (Posted 7/4/13)
é   Check this out. On their site and the e-mail sent me today (Posted 7/3/13)
é   Really because the Tidy Company (Posted 7/3/13)
é   Sears said within 48 hours and I would hear back (Posted 7/1/13)
é   Also Sears is the one that stands behind the product anyway (Posted 7/1/13)
é   ?? (Posted 7/1/13)
é   Yes you are correct (Posted 6/30/13)
é   NO (Posted 6/30/13)
é   Not a rant (Posted 6/30/13)
é   Thanks Nicole (Posted 6/29/13)
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