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I hate writing profiles. I wish someone would come up with a globally reconized profile that you could access with just imputing your email. I never know what to say. Welp, that little rant aside. Fairy with fangs is a nickname of mine. Many people ask where it comes from. I used to work in an office where I was known as a sweet little worker bee, until one day, a client and I got into a little tiff, and I let loose, one of my bosses said, "well our little fairy has fangs." A friend of mine worked there also, word spread and the name stuck. It is a pretty accurate, as much as I hate to admit it.

My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   PayPal.com
é   Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort
é   Universal Orlando
é   Pepsi-Cola
é   Hasbro, Inc.
é   Huggies Diapers
é   PlanetFeedback
é   Applebee's International, Inc.

My Shared Letters

é   "You can raise money for a sick cat, but not poor people" (Posted 12/5/11)
é   Small suggestion (Posted 7/5/10)
é   Only one little suggestion (Posted 8/6/09)
é   Transformer Toys are a Giant Letdown, Hasbro (Posted 4/12/09)
é   fairywithfangs (Posted 8/20/06)
é   Huggies has a "cool" new product (Posted 8/4/06)
é   Perfect! (Posted 8/3/06)

My Comments

é   I agree, it's one thing for the "mods" to be snarky (Posted 8/27/13)
é   Re: Does the Customer Count? (Posted 8/27/13)
é   Re: Very poor customer service (Posted 8/25/13)
é   but you were asking for compensation... (Posted 8/25/13)
é   The clerk called her kid "cute" - I mean seriously, (Posted 8/24/13)
é   WOW. really good point. your right, the clerk never (Posted 8/23/13)
é   one of my daughters gets "barbie" all the time - she finds it (Posted 8/22/13)
é   there are quite a number of things and saying that are racial (Posted 8/20/13)
é   Re: Store Manager Called My Son BUCKWHEAT (Posted 8/20/13)
é   so dogs are free to care for now....? (Posted 8/19/13)
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