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Public safety radio systems manager.

My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   McDonald's
é   United Parcel Service
é   Wendy's International, Inc.
é   SMC Netowrks North America
é   T-Mobile USA, Inc.

My Shared Letters

é   McDonald's strikes out: Again... (Posted 2/7/09)
é   Poor staff attitude and misleading hours of operation (Posted 12/8/08)
é   The Shadow is no fun for me... (Posted 2/8/08)
é   Continued Poor Service and Unexplained Delays from UPS (Posted 6/26/07)
é   Robert in Smyrna, GA location South Cobb at Windy Hill is excellent (Posted 2/22/07)
é   Poor customer service and useless warranty on SMC Router (Posted 1/19/07)
é   T-Mobile changed my conference calling and failed to notify, no help from customer care (Posted 12/24/06)
é   Excellent retail sales person Twana Brown (Posted 9/12/06)

My Comments

é   Re: Terrible experience at Pier 1 Imports (Posted 12/6/09)
é   Re: The Samsung Rogue REQUIRES a data package?? (Posted 12/5/09)
é   yep, take it from someone who works in healthcare (Posted 12/5/09)
é   Re: T-mobile coverage is awful in West Virginia. (Posted 10/17/09)
é   Re: Held by Walmart security though I did nothing wrong. (Posted 10/2/09)
é   it's a HEALTH ISSUE (Posted 5/12/09)
é   DTV is a FRAUD (Posted 5/12/09)
é   yep, Verizon phones and proprietary software (Posted 4/12/09)
é   Re: Unauthorized Move to Another Room at Residence Inn (Posted 3/30/09)
é   Norton itself is a virus (Posted 3/1/09)
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My Special Interests

é   Rating, reviewing, or critiquing company "contact us" forums on their websites

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