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My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   AAA Minnesota/Iowa
é   Pizza Hut, Inc.
é   Michaels Stores
é   McDonald's

My Shared Letters

é   AAA's Horribly Offensive Seatbelt Commercial (Posted 2/23/08)
é   PIZZALESS!!!! (Posted 2/9/08)
é   great michaels exxperience (Posted 11/14/07)
é   monopoly game (Posted 10/6/07)

My Comments

é   Re: CitiBank's Credit Card Practices (Posted 5/10/08)
é   coach purse (Posted 3/26/08)
é   Re: Dissatisfied with Coach Quality and Service (Posted 3/26/08)
é   Re: Unfair Fees and deceptive marketing (Posted 3/26/08)
é   they dont have the prices (Posted 3/26/08)
é   Re: Radio Shack's Absurd Refund Policy (Posted 3/26/08)
é   Re: What's the Rule for Credit Limit Reduction, AMEX? (Posted 3/15/08)
é   Re: Stalked and Harassed at TGIF (Posted 3/15/08)
é   Re: Target's Refusal to Issue a Credit (Posted 2/28/08)
é   Re: Constant Problems with Motorola Razr2 (Posted 2/27/08)
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My Special Interests

é   Talking to the "media" about your experiences with key products
é   Moderating or actively participating in PlanetFeedback discussion forums
é   Periodically responding to customer satisfaction surveys about brands, products, or services
é   Rating, reviewing, or critiquing company "contact us" forums on their websites
é   Serving as a PlanetFeedback "mystery shopper" and periodically run spot checks on customer servic
é   Making myself available to companies for online or offline focus groups to help them improve products or customer service
é   im in customer service, so I guess customer service.

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