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My Companies

I've written letters to the following companies.
é   Tiffany & Co
é   Walgreen's
é   Mr. Coffee
é   Centennial Mazda
é   Little Caesars Enterprises, Incorporated
é   Bank of America
é   Farmers Insurance Group Companies
é   The Scotts Company
é   Petco
é   Safeway, Inc.

My Shared Letters

é   Bad Shopping Experience (Posted 10/5/14)
é   The Last Straw DISH (Posted 8/10/13)
é   "Return to Tiffany" is right! (Posted 8/8/13)
é   Can't get a simple prescription filled (Posted 3/29/13)
é   Thank You Mr. Coffee! (Posted 10/5/10)
é   Get it together, Mazda (Posted 8/17/10)
é   What Happened? (Posted 8/1/10)
é   Let me deposit money BofA! (Posted 6/1/10)
é   Thank You Farmers! (Posted 5/7/10)
é   Roundup or Miracle Gro? (Posted 4/11/10)

My Comments

é   Not saying that there are or should be zoning laws (Posted 10/6/14)
é   Re: Reserved Room Unavailable (Posted 10/5/14)
é   Re: Asking for help (Posted 10/5/14)
é   Since you don't want to let it go..... (Posted 8/29/13)
é   Sorry, but YOU are mistaken (Posted 8/18/13)
é   Re: "Return to Tiffany" is right! (Posted 8/14/13)
é   Special vests (Posted 8/14/13)
é   Re: non service dogs (Posted 8/14/13)
é   Nail Polish Remover? (Posted 8/8/13)
é   Re: Credit Denial (Posted 2/7/13)
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