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Re: Roller Shoes need to be banned in Wal-Mart stores!
by calm - Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:08 PM

In my neighborhood we've got unsafe drivers, a ton of construction that shuts down huge sections of sidewalk (there are plenty of places I can't get to without riding in the street), and some family attractions that appear to attract mainly families in which the parents do not feel as if they are in any way responsible for their children's behavior. (Yes, I realize that those are the ones I notice more and that it therefore seems as if a higher percentage of families are like that than is actually true.)

Sooner or later some little heellion who feels like rolling around intersections without paying any attention to where the cars are is going to get hit. Seriously. (And I bet I already know which intersection it's going to be, too.) The building next to ours has gotten hit enough times, and it doesn't dart out in front of people.

I have no problem with kids who are (with or without parental support) capable of using them safely and responsibly in areas that aren't congested and where people, cars, etc., don't suddenly pop out from around corners and so on. (Well, I guess I do have a problem but I understand that it's *my* problem.) But I do not understand parents who let their children put these things on and then don't bother to take a sufficiently hands-on approach to parenting to keep their kids and everybody else in the area safe.

That said, I do understand why someone making Wal-Mart wages wouldn't want to ask parents to keep track of their children. The parents who are going to be nice about it are almost never the parents who need to be spoken to.


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