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Re:Global Response - A Memorial Day letter to Radio Shack from a Marine Corps veteran.
by bigironguy - Posted Wed May 30, 2007 @ 5:10 PM

My last comments on this matter.
1. Yes, I was angry when I wrote the letter. Next time I will wait about a week and calm down before I write - and I will write again.
2. I was not, do not and never will try and get special and/or preferential treatment because of my veteran status. Anyone who assumed as much is very wrong and does not know me.
3. My complaint is about the insulting and demeaning way in which I was treated by someone who obviously does not know better - and if his employer (in this case radio shack) does not fix this, then they have problems.
4. Just because a company posts a policy does not mean that there is not room for improvement. I will respectfully discuss this point with anyone who will listen without preconception. and by the way, if the product I bought is defective, and the replacement is defective, why should I be saddled with another one? Why would I want store credit at a place that does not care for their customers? (BTW - I have worked retail and a return desk before - I know the story, and I know what can be done for the customer)
5. By the end of the letter, I was (obviously) in MAJOR sarcasm mode. A full page ad?? What, it has to come from Letterman or Conan O'Brien to be funny?? Lighten up, folks.
6. For those out there with ties to the military, I never intended to put a bad light on those who served, and if it came across that way, then I apologize.
7. Copy the above for Texans - and the Enron comment was over the top.
8. For me, a computer generated form letter will not suffice as an apology nor rectify the situation, so in reply to at least one person, no the letter(s) I received are not enough.
Lastly - how would you react if you were treated like dirt by a disgustingly arrogant person who is supposed to be serving you and representing a well known company? Would you just take it with no comment or reaction? You may not like my reaction, but I promise you, it honest and true.

Peace out.



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