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My Apologies To Everyone
by smythe - Posted Wed August 22, 2007 @ 4:04 PM

I replied to..Fred Flintstone, and then to everone else, but was not sure if everyone would see that or not, so I am pasting it here so everyone can see it. Thanks for all your rude and shameful comments

am replying to this e-mail as this is the only person who took an
interest in my complaint rather than ridiculing and and being just
plain rude. thank yo very Fred Flintstone.

Now for all the rest of you. This is for you...I am 71 years old and
totally disabled and on portable morphine pump 24/7. You can onlu
imagine what the morphine is doing to my body. I can only sit at the
computer for a sheort time and then back to bed, but I really want to
reply to all you rude, incompetint people who apparantly have no
lives. You have nothing better to do than sit around all day and try
to ridicule and put down sime else. Ok, now you have had your fun/
To tell you the truth I did not know that all caps were so offensive
to people. I get e-mails in all caps, alllower case, some with no
punctuation at all, and it does not bother me at all. I am just glad
to get them. I would never make fun and ridicule someone like this. I
APOLOGISE to all you people who were so offended by all the caps. You
will note that I am not doing this in this reply.

Now that everyone has had their fun, I will close out and go back to
bed. I never should have replied back to you all in the first place,
as it was not right. You people apparantly have no life and have
nothing better to do to occupy your time so you just try to ridicule
other people. Now I know how this site works and the kind of people
use it, I will never use it again.

I am glad that I did give some of you something to do with your selves
for a short time. You will not be hearing from me again however.
find someone else to put down and try to shame. I had no idea there
so many of you out there. Now I know.

Goodbye and good luck. Thanks again Fred. At least you were humane.



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