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Re: An Extremely Dissatisfied StubHub Customer
by Mike Z. - Posted Tue August 28, 2007 @ 12:04 AM

I wouldnt even pay the $39.50 face value to see Kathy Griffin, but thats not the point I want to make. StubHub is just a site where scalpers can put their tickets up for sale for suckers to overpay for them They are just like an Ebay. In fact, I believe Ebay owns StubHub now. If dopes such as yourself didnt pay these highly inflated prices for shows, then these scalpers would not be in business. The internet has destroyed the entire ticket business. As an avid concertgoer, I have been shut out of tickets numerous times because scalpers all around the country can buy up tickets for local shows. Joe Scalper from Timbuktu can now buy up a large amount of tickets for a show in Chicago and resell them online at a much higher price. In the past, the ticket scalping business was just local and not a real problem, it has just become ridiculous now. People are still arrested for scalping on the street, but some people can make a living reselling tickets in front of their computer, and they will never be regulated.

Getting back to my point, this is no ones fault but your own. Im pretty sure all ads include the section, row, and seat number, you couldve looked online at a seating chart before being duped into paying way too much to see a comedian. Next time just buy a DVD. Im sure StubHub is getting quite a laugh out of this whole situation, I know I am.


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