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Re: Bridal Registry Returns
by Sunflower Sarah - Posted Tue February 5, 2008 @ 8:54 PM

I include gift receipts with every gift purchase to avoid problems later. This is why I firmly believe now, that instead of taking time to personally pick a gift from a registry with thought that everyone should give everyone else impersonal thoughtless gift cards.
And the reason that the policy is in place is just because it was on your registry at Target doesn't mean that the same item wasn't on sale for $20 cheaper at Walmart and the gift-giver purchased it there instead. Plus the item may never have been purchased at all.
At my old job (I was manager of a Naturalizer shoe store) I had a woman screaming at me because I wouldn't take back a pair of Naturalizer shoes that we never even carried. She swore up and down she bought them at my store. She had taped her receipt to the front of the box for a pair of shoes she was returning that she did buy at my store, and underneath the receipt was a sticker that said Bob's stores on it. So like I said, just because you registered at Target doesn't mean the item came from Target.


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