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Re: Teach Employees About Calendars, Toys R Us
by Prisoner of Askaban - Posted Wed March 12, 2008 @ 7:49 PM

If she thinks that November has 31 days then I wonder how she became manager.

"I just do not understand why she needs to check how many days there are in November instead of just turn around and ask her coworkers standing right next to her."

She could even have asked one of the children how many days in November(provided they are over 7) and they would have known. Still I don't see why they could have made an exception for one extra day with an honest customer.

The reason it took her to check the calender for 15 minutes was probably because she did not know that November came after October or was at the end of the year. She was probably looking between June and July and wondering where the November page of the calender was until finally someone else came along and told her it was after October not after June.


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