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Re: Useless is as useless does.
by Jared C. - Posted Mon February 6, 2012 @ 2:42 PM

I agree with the letter writer 100%. This is an ENORMOUS problem on the Web and the IT community needs to take responsibility for it and clean it up ASAP.

Web Masters are easily the most useless, brainless idiots currently alive on our planet.

I have the same issue with idiotic Yahoo email. I am quicker than my computer...and the servers that underlie my web connection. As a result, I am punished each and every day I log online as the idiot IT system requires that the entire page load up (ads and all) before I can do anything. So, each email delays me by about 30 seconds while it paints up. Considering I get about 120 emails a day, I lose about AN HOUR of free time each and every day due to this IT slow-moving idiocy.

This shows IGNORANCE and a LACK OF CONCERN by IT people towards the free time of their users/customers and a lack of concern twoards the level of happiness with their work output that their users have.

It'd be nice if the federal govt. would pass a bill requiring that these irritations be minimized. Each penalty could involve an assessment against the offending IT company for $1 K per violation. I bet THAT'D get the crap to stop immediately! After all, the unlimited greed of most businesses would ensure they'd clean up their slow garbage issues just to avoid having to go bankrupt from fees for slow service.

I bet advertisers forced this change...because fast folks like myself were churning through their email quickly, efficiently and without even glancing at their dumb ads. Why do these advertising dopes think that by forcing us to slow down...that we're actually going to have a positive view of their firm or even buy something through the ad?

Yeah, RIGHT. What I'VE done (and I bet the letter writer and most others irked by this problem are also doing) is mentally catalog who advertises in Yahoo email so I can boycott them and never buy anything from them ever again....as well as bad-mouth them to whoever will listen!


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