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I'm not suggesting. . .
by MA Loper - Posted Wed August 23, 2006 @ 9:42 AM

. . .that the messages never be commented on again. I am also not blaming the OP's for posting the letters in the first place.

My personal (and believe me, I KNOW it is JUST my opinion!) frustration comes from posts that sit on the top 20 for WEEKS with no new advice or information added and just collect snips and barbs from responders and a continual re-hash of information that was posted already.

I have personally emailed Mr. Helpful about this subject and there is apparently some sort of calculation involved that automatically selects which messages wind up on the Top 20. What people don't seemto understand, is that when we post trivial (and you have to admit, most of the posts added beyond a week or two are assuredly trivial!) comments, it affects that calculation and keeps the message up there longer than it has to.

There doesn't seem to be any mechanism to manually intervene with a letter that is clearly serving no useful purpose anymore and would make room for a new letter to be reviewed.

And to those people who chose to take my comments here personally, please read my letter again. I did not TELL anyone what they should do, I was merely asking. I was also seeking to make light of the subject because it is kind of humorous that more than a month later, we're STILL debating whether kids should be singing in a dressing room (& sorry, Nichole, nothing personal against you, but your letter is assuredly going down in the hall of fame just for the incredible response it received!) when thre HAS to be something else new we could move on to.

All I am asking for is for people to use a little discretion and not post replies to old letters just for the sake of posting.


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