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Buzz. . .
by MA Loper - Posted Fri August 25, 2006 @ 1:57 PM

Mea Culpa! OK, I admit I unleashed the PFB beast here, and now I guess it's my job to reign it back in. (Next time I'll know better!)

While I recognize that your first post about PETA appeared to be just as tongue-in-cheek as mine, somehow it spiraled into a horrific flame war which was EXACTLY what I myself was protesting with my letter (I trust you actually READ my letter before you posted, right?)

I have been on PFB for years - Even back when it was YouGetHeard.com. I have recommended it to MANY people both professionally and personally and when comments like this spiral out of control that are irrelevant, inappropriate and COMPLETELY off topic, it makes the community look like we're nothing but a bunch of vicious pirhana with nothing better to do than attack each other. Then other people (and possibly

I don't want something that I promote to others to give that kind of impression. Clearly it would make ME look bad and I'm not ABOUT to purposefully make myself look like that!

Now, I sincerely hope you won't think I am singling you out because I know you were not alone in the discussion by any means. But since your message kind of "launched a thousand other messages" I am addressing this (sort of) to you.

If you disagree with a commenter, fine. Disagree all you want, but the disagreement really needs to be relevant to the original letter or please take it offline.

When people start nit picking every comment, getting offended or irate and then get off topic (and I admit, I have been guilty of that on a few occasions) it contibutes to messages being here WAY longer than they need to be - that's why I posted my letter.

Sure I don't HAVE to read Nichole's post or the Eljer toilet post again - I already know that nothing new has been added. But it still irks me that another really good letter might be out there waiting for some feedback (hence, the name PLANET FEEDBACK) and it's not getting up there because of things like this.

So I hope that you can appreciate where I am coming from and respectfully ask that you help me out by being the bigger person and just letting this go before the post gets any more long winded than it already has.


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