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Popeye's Chicken Kept us Waiting!!
by Dawn S. - Posted Wed March 28, 2007 @ 12:00 PM

On 3/27/06, I went to Popeye's Chicken at XXXXXXXXX in Jacksonville FL, at approximately 7:00pm. It took 30 minutes for me to order and receive my food; checking my bag when I got to the car, I found I had not been given my biscuits; and, when I got home, I found I had been given spicy chicken, not the mild which I had ordered.

However - this is NOT a letter of complaint!!

Popeye's was busy when we arrived. There were about 4 cars in the drive-thru line so we decided to go inside. There, we were warned by the manager on duty, Brenda, that she was the only cashier there. She was working the register inside, had one employee filling the orders, and another employee was working in the kitchen.

To watch them work was amazing - Brenda flew back and forth between the counter and the drive-thru window, greeting each customer pleasantly and apologizing for their wait. Brenda was proactive in letting the man in the kitchen know that he needed to make more chicken, biscuits, etc., while he also kept up with requests for fries and sandwiches. The gentleman filling the orders did so quickly, moving on to the next slip as soon as the previous one had been taken care of.

At no time did any of the staff seem frustrated, irritated, or short-tempered with the customers. One woman in line stormed out after waiting 5 minutes, huffing "This is ridiculous!", but myself and the other 5 people in line waited patiently. I'm assuming, like myself, they felt that waiting was no big deal when they could see that Brenda and the other two employees were doing an incredibly efficient job with the limited resources available to them.

When I went back for the missing biscuits, they were given to me quickly, and with a smile. The spicy chicken was a hit with my family - they generally don't like spicy food, but recieving it by mistake gave them the opportunity to discover that this preference does not extend to Popeye's chicken!

I will not hesitate to visit this Popeye's location again. Brenda is a very valuable asset to your company.

A VERY satisfied customer!


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