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An Extremely Dissatisfied StubHub Customer
by Shelley A. - Posted Mon August 27, 2007 @ 12:00 PM

I am requesting that this go to the top of the corporation. You have one extremely dissatisfied customer which will result in many. I purchased tix from your site on 08/08/2007. When I purchased my tix - next to them stated "front row". In my world, front row means front row. I purchased each ticket for $250. So for a total of $500 I was expecting to see Kathy Griffin in the front row. The day of the event, which is today I looked up the actual theatre online to view out of excitement. To my dismay, I came to find out that I was actually in the 2nd to last row in the entire theatre. I immediately called 1-800-stub hub in New Mexico. I spoke to multiple reps, all stating that was the front of that last section and they couldn't assist. I then spoke to the final person Floor Supervisor. He also stated the same. I asked for his boss and he said I don't have one. You have to write to customer service. Let me say that I am high in the corporate world and I have never been treated so ignorantly. With no idea of venue seating, when I see a ticket for sale and right next to it it reads, "front row" and pay $250 for a $39.50 seat, I expect to be in the front row. I am requesting a full refund of my monies and you can have your tickets back. Either this or get me in the front row by this evening which I highly doubt you can control at this time. I am extremely disappointed in my transaction nightmare, but most of all of how I was treated as a CUSTOMER.

I would hope that someone in this corporation recognizes this and has the ability to satisfy a customer needs, and I would also recommend that a Floor Supervisor would have authority levels to handle these on one off situations. I did not even make use of the tickets. I refused to drive over 2 hours to an event to sit in the back row. Customer service is critical to the success of any corporation and I would assume that I'd rather refund $500 than to have a dissatisfied customer especially when ticket services are mainly driven from good experiences and word of mouth. This cannot go un-noticed unless made right. I would appreciate a response immediately in reference to this request. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted with info provided. In addition, original complaint filed with StubHub and Better Business Bureau on 08/18/2007 and I still have not been contacted in regards to this matter. Now here's a company that cares about their customer.

I would like a full refund of all monies spent in excess of $500.


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