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Staples Now Demoted to Emergency Use Only
by robert p. - Posted Sun November 4, 2007 @ 12:00 PM

I needed a digital camera for my business. I chose Staples (Store Number: 0362) because I have a business credit account with them. However, I wanted them to match Circuit City's price. It was only $10 less.

I called in, to make sure I could do this. The person said to print the price and come on in. I finally made it in hours later. The manager on duty said that she could not match the price. On top of this, she blamed the employee for giving me incorrect information.

I argued for a a bit, and explained that it was a small amount and that I feel that the customer should be taken care of. The manager should have the ability to discount as they see fit. She explained again that it was their policy to not match the website price of circuit city.

Frustrated, I went across the street to Office Depot to see what they could do. I asked a salesman if they could match. He explained that since it was such a small amount, they wouldn't even worry about it. Office Depot wanted my business. In fact, the person that actually "did" the adjustment was just a regular cashier.

Sorry Staples, but you have been demoted to emergency use only. I will always seek out Office Depot first for my needs.

Staples, you need to make sure that your staff is on the same page. As well, you should not blame your own employees for their mistakes. Finally, your managers should be capable of satisfying the customer, regardless of the small loss of $10. It will translate to much more loss because I will no longer consider Staples my primary purchasing source.

It would be nice if Staples admitted that they made a mistake and I would like to have a clear definition of their actual policy.


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