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by connie k. - Posted Mon December 10, 2007 @ 5:04 PM

Robert J. Ulrich CEO
I purchased a "CHEFMATE" electric canopener from you store in Morrow GA. on July 8 2007 my 90 days were up on Oct. 8 2007. I went back into the store the end of oct to get a refund or exchange and the store refused to help me. I even spoke with one of the managers and they still refused to help me. I tried to call the corporate office but no one would give me the number. They also were not of any help to me. I even offered to pay to return the product to have it fixed or replaced and still was told that they could not help me in any way. I have never been a fan of Target any way and even more so when I found out that Target does not support our Military men. During the 90 day time things were up in the air for me my son was returning home from Iraq after being over there for a year. I was not going to give up my opportunity to go to WA to see him upon there home coming after a year in a war. Your people are in no was willing to try and keep a customer happy and satified so that they will still shop in your stores. All they kept telling me was sorry but we can't help you and I was stuck with a defective product from targe. I was even told that there was no manufacture that I could contact to have the situtation of the deffective electric canopener. On the box it state product of Target Corporation someone had to make this product it did not just happen out of thin air. It is very wrong of you people not to back your product when it is deffective and give a customer a break when it is just a small amount of time past. It is not like I came into the store 6 months later and expected you to do something about it. It was only a short peroid of time. I also never plan to step foot in any of your stores as long as I live and will make sure that I tell every one that I know so they can tell everyone they know not to shop at Target, they do nothing to work with a customer on a defective product that is made by Target and no way to contact a manufacture.

What I want is to have my $6.69 + tax replaced at this time because the chance for an exchange is gone because I will never owe a piece of merchandise that comes from Targer again. You had your chance to try and change my attidute about Target and keep me as an occasional customer. As I stated above I will neve step foot in a Target store again and will tell all my friends how bad you are about helping a customer. I want a check for the amount of $7.14 sent to me. I will also be sending you a hard copy via snail mail return receipt requested.


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