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Bridal Registry Returns
by Jenna K. - Posted Mon February 4, 2008 @ 9:55 PM

I am a bride who registered at Target because I have heard they had always been excellent to their customers, especially their brides. I ending up registering for a large variety of things at the Roanoke and Christiansburg, VA locations. At my first bridal shower I recieved duplicates of several gifts. Three of these items, which were expensive I may add, were given without a gift receipt. When I went to the Roanoke, VA store to exchange them I explained what had happened and encouraged them to look on my registry to verify that these items did indeed come from there. I told them I was happy to accept a Target Gift Card because I knew that I did not have the gift reciept. The exchanges clerk told me there was no way I could exchange these items without a gift reciept unless they were under twenty dollars. These three items were fairly expensive items that were obviously not under twenty dollars. I left the store furious and called the store manager when I got home. The store manager informed me that the store could not prove that I the items were from Target and not Walmart, even though I pointed out to him that the items were in a sealed Target package, with the Target logo and bar code inside them. He completely dismissed my concerns while not offering to assist me in any way, and advised me to contact the corporate office. When I did, the machine suggested that I go back to the person and ask them for the reciept. I find that completely and utterly rude. Why would you ever go back to the person who spent a reasonable amount of money on you and tell them that you are taking their gift back and want their receipt. Anybody who would ask you to do this is out of their minds.

I was so upset that I left the Target store in tears. As far as I am concerned, Target is stealing money from people who are giving gifts, by not allowing the gift receiver to exchange their gifts for the right sizes and colors.

I am requesting that someone from the Target corporation contact me withing 5 business days or I will be contacting our local News Channel 10 consumer watch about these absurd policies. I am also planning on writing a letter to the editor of The Knot Bridal Magazine and Elegant Bride, two of the top bridal magazines, and informing them that brides should not register at Target. Both of these magazines have pages they publish in every issue that address the complaints of brides in the consumer market.

I have never been so upset with a retailer and expect this to be addressed.

I expect a letter of apology allowing me to return these items or a Target Gift Card for $50.00 dollars which will cover the cost of these items that are not of use to me.


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