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by catherine m. - Posted Mon June 9, 2008 @ 12:00 PM

I was shopping in the Clifton NJ store this past Saturday. I arrived at the store at 9:45pm. As soon as I was walking in i was told in a very rude tone by a snippy little sales clerk, "the store is closing in 15 minutes!" As if it was a bother for me to step foot in the store. How dare walk in when the store is closing in 15 minutes. I am there to shop and spend my money, not to get snippy attitude as soon as I walk in the door! Is this the way a customer is supposed to be treated? If it is then i think the people at wal mart are asleep at the switch and ignorant of the fact that customers are what keep them in business! I was doing my grocery shopping and again i was approached by an employee and told the store is closing please hurry to the register! Hurry?? Why do I have to hurry. Excuse me but if the store closes at 10 it closes at 10. Who said you cant walk in before 10??? I was there at 9:45 and I should be given the same treatment as anyone else. As any PAYING CUSTOMER! Why do I have to make my purchases in a panic? Its not my problem! Dont let people in at all, just shut the doors at 8 then if you want to close at 10! Then an announcement is made over the PA that the store is closing in 5 minutes, all customers are to procede to the check out. I had less then half my shopping done, and I had a slew of coupons to go through and see what was on sale. Im a paying customer and im not going to be rushed out of a store. Im handing over cash for this type of service! I was in one of the isles trying to find a shampoo I had a coupon for and yet another employee came over to me and told me the store was closed and I had to go to the register. I told her I had a lot more shopping to do, to which she said, "well how long are you going to be"! How dare she ask me that. I told her It's gonna take me an hour, I have a lot of shopping to do. Plus I had a few items that i was going to need in garden supplies after i finished my grocery shopping. Your employee then told me I had to go to the register now. I told her I was not finished shopping, and theat when I finished shopping THEN and ONLY THEN would I go to checkout. I wanted to speak to a manager at that point. Someone came over and said she was the store manager. I told her why am being harassed in your store. I am a PAYING customer. I was in the store BEFORE it CLOSED!!!! I had every right to stay as long as I needed to do what I had to do!! She then said again, like a robot, maam you have to go to the register now! I said I have to go and finish my shopping. Then the lights started to shut off in the isles. I was FURIOUS! How dare she shut the lights so that i could not finish my shopping. It was only 10:30! I have never been so infuriated in my entire life. She then tells me I have to go to the register. Then she had the nerve to say I was the only person in the store and that I was holding everyone up! How dare she! Well I was not gonna let this little snip get away with that. I had only half my items, and now I was going to waste MY SUNDAY shopping again, when I could have had my groceries finished today! I go to the line and I handed over my coupons and she starts scanning my items. The shampoo i bought scanned at 4.27, and it was supposed to be 3.29 and I had a dollar off coupon. I told her the shampoo scanned wrong. She then with an attitude towards me grumbles under her breath and slamms the shampoo across the scanner again to take it off the bill. I told her I did not want her to take it off, did I tell her to take it off. I told her the price of the shampoo and that i wanted the shampoo and I wanted it for the correct price. She goes, "I cant help you, the lights are off and I cant check!" You cant check?? Are you kidding me. I told her well put the lights on and go check cause I am the customer and I am not gonna overpay for shampoo because you have a snippy little attitude!! She thought she was gonna get over on me and she just said NO! I was like are you kidding me. Now I wanted to speak with her manager. She said everyone left. I told her i was not leaving without the shampoo and why is she acting like this when she can just go and check the PRICE!!! Then she gets all snippy again and scanns the shampoo by slamming it on the scanner and she manually adjusted the price to what I TOLD HER IT WAS!! Why am I the customer telling your employees what their prices are!!! Why doesnt she know!!! SHES THE MANAGER! She then finishes my check out and she scanned all my coupons. I told her exactly what I thought of her and told her I was not going to give her 1 cent of my money after the way I had been treated from the second I walked into the store. Then she had the nerve to call the security guard over and have him tell me to leave the store. I hope she learned her lesson not to treat customers like dirt! I hope i ruined her day like she had the nerve to ruin mine and waste MY TIME!!! I had to WASTE my SUNDAY shopping for items I should have not had a problem getting on saturday when it was conveinet for me. I want a formal appology from walmart and a gift card for the time i was made to waste in your store and leave with nothing and for the disrespect i had to endure! I am furious and livid! Your employees need to learn respect and class, and how to treat people. Its not my job to teach them lessons they are supposed to learn. A customer is never to be treated the way I was on saturday. I want her fired for her attitude and behavior

why is my letter being deleted from this site!!!


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