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Target Should Refund My Money for Defective DVD
by JoAnne N. - Posted Sat June 28, 2008 @ 12:00 PM

On 6/21/2008 I visited Target Las Vegas Far Northwest location and purchased several items totaling over $700. Included in my purchase was a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 2 boxed set for my niece who is visiting for the summer. The price of the set was $19.99. The next night we sat down to watch the discs and they wouldn't play. Not one of the four discs in the box set were working. My first thought was that my DVD player was broken, but I took the discs into another room and tried to play them and they didn't work either.

On 6/23/2008 I returned to the same location with my receipt and explained that the discs I had bought were defective. The person working at the return desk told me that since the set was open that I could only exchange it for the exact same item which was no problem because we wanted a new one anyway. I went over to the electronics department only to find that they didn't have any more of that set on the shelf. I returned to the desk and told the girl who said that she would call and ask them to see if there were any in the back. She had me waiting off to the side for several minutes when she finally said that since they had no more and I had opened the discs there was nothing that she could do for me other than to call another Target and see if they had any in stock.

After calling several locations in the area she finally found one set at the North Las Vegas location which is 20 miles out of my way. Since my niece really wanted these discs I decided to go ahead and drive there. The girl helping me told me that she instructed them to leave the set at the customer service desk so that it would be ready when I arrived.

When I arrived at the North Las Vegas location, they did not have the discs at the desk, nor did they even know what I was talking about. The employee working there had to call electronics several times because someone there had apparently pulled the discs from the shelf but never brought them up. I ended up waiting another 20 minutes.

If this had been the end of it, although annoyed, I wouldn't have even bothered writing this letter to you. However when I brought this second set of discs home, they too were defective! It is not my DVD players either as I have tested several other discs with no problem.

My question to you is- where does this leave me? If no one else has this item in stock does that mean that I am just out of luck because you are selling defective items? I understand that many people may try to defraud sellers these days by buying DVD's, copying them, and then trying to return them- in fact I don't disagree with your policy at all in regards to only being able to exchange for the same item. The problem comes in when we are talking about a situation like this where the item I purchased is defective, I am well within the return policy time limit, and no one has this item in stock for me to exchange it. I already wasted almost a gallon of gas driving across town trying to abide by your policy and I will not do it again nor should I have to.

Your employees should be able to make decisions based on individual situations and common sense instead of repeating the return policy printed behind them on the wall like robots. She should have been able to look at my receipt, see that I bought a large number of items- including two other DVD boxed sets and see that my intention was not to defraud the store by returning a set of already watched DVDs and go ahead and refund my money. It would have even been acceptable if they would have let me exchange it for another type of DVD - but to make me drive across town because you sold me a defective item is a lot to ask of a customer.

I would like Target to allow me to return the second set of defective discs regardless of weather or not you have any more in stock. I will not drive to another store out of my way to make this exchange again.


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