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Offened Customer
by Joyce M. - Posted Wed May 18, 2011 @ 8:48 AM

We have shopped at the Home Depot in Houghton Lake Michigan for the past 2 years spending quite a bit of money. Yesterday we went to the store to buy top soil for our garden. I had a 10% off coupon from Lowes which I have used twice before at Home Depot. Each time the sales associate let me have the coupon back. This particular lady demanded I give the coupon to her. I explained that the other associates let me keep it. She was not happy with me for wanting it back. She called her manager as my husband and I loaded the dirt. She then came up to me and told me the manager said she was right to try to take the coupon and the next time I tried to use it the associate would take my coupon. I explained to her that I could have bought the dirt cheaper at Walmart which is next door. I told her she had just offended a good customer and pushed me to shop else where. She said she was just doing her job. We made 3 trips to buy 45 bags of dirt. The next one was to Walmart. Walmart even helped us load the bags of dirt. I also ordered a new freezer from Lowes which they delivered free. Last week I bought $500.00 worth of building materials from Home Depot. I was charged $59.00 for delivery. Home Depot is closer to me than Lowes. I feel Frank Blake's statement about great customer service is a farce.

I would like an apology from the associate before I will do business with Home Depot again.


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