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Rude employees
by Jason G. - Posted Tue January 3, 2012 @ 4:48 PM

I went to Baybrook mall in Webster Texas to so some shopping with my young sons last Monday 01/02/2012. While my 11 year old son shopped in one of the stores, I decided to brouse the Sprint kiosk located in the common area of the mall. I have been a Sprint customer for over 10 years and have been satisfied with my service until now. So when I decided to look at phones for my sons birthday I didnt expect the treatment I got.

The sales rep asked if I needed help and I told him I was just brousing the phones but I would let him know. When i finished looking, i continued to "hang out" by the kiosk as my child was making a purchase in the store net to it and I wanted to keep an eye on him. A man presented himself as the manager and asked me to move so they could look in a display case i was blocking. No problem, I relocated to another area but where i could still see my son. I was asked to move again. No problem, this time i was sure to move to an area where there was NO product to be sure I did not interfere with potential business. After about 30 seconds I was told I needed to relocate to a nearby bench and not lean against the kiosk. I politely explained that my son was in the store and I would move along as soon as he finished his transaction. I was then told if I didnt move away from the kiosk Security would be called.

I told him to go ahead and call security, which he did.

Security came, I explained the situation and they agreed to allow me to wait for my son until he bought his hat.

Contact whoever owns or operates that kiosk and have them fire the employee that treats customers like garbage.


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