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Verizon Wireless' Shockingly Poor Service
by Heather C. - Posted Sun February 5, 2012 @ 12:00 PM

Great phone, but the customer service keeps getting worse & worse! Today at the Capital Mall store in Olympia, WA, we were "assisted" by Zachery W. When I was trying to explain what we needed (several issues with several steps) he wouldn't even listen & started talking over me. He didn't grasp what I needed because he was busy thinking (or at least behaving) as though I was stupid. At one point he put me on the phone with customer service and the man over the phone disagreed with what Zach was saying, so Zach took the phone from me and spoke horribly to the Verizon rep on the phone -- basically calling him stupid as well.
One of the issues we were trying to resolve was adding another phone to my account, but the person I am adding currently has t-mobile with a phone that isn't compatible with Verizon(so says Zach but not the rep on the phone). My friend wants to keep his t-mobile phone number to use with the Verizon phone that we ordered. Zach needed all of my friend's t-mobile account info to transfer the phone number, but told us that the t-mobile number would CONTINUE TO WORK UNTIL WE ACTIVATED the new phone when it arrived. We asked Zach several times to make sure he understood that the t-mobile phone MUST continue to work until the new phone arrives. Zach was very reassuring. When my friend's phone went dead an hour later, we called the Verizon 1-800 # and the phone rep looked up what Zach had done, and in HER words: "WHAT A MESS!" And, no, she couldn't fix the mess that Zach had made. We called t-mobile. He MIGHT have service back in approx. 24 hours.
Clearly it is Zach who is the idiot, but to be honest, this monumental screw up is truly secondary to his demeaning behavior towards me AND to his fellow Verizon co-worker over the phone. You might want to keep this one in the backroom and away from other people. Zach caused a lot of damage today.

This isn't the first time I've had to deal with a rude kid at the Verizon store. Clearly they need to TRAIN these kids in customer service AND train them better in understanding how to do their jobs.


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