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A furious mother of three children.

Posted Fri August 31, 2001, by Angel S. written to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc

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I recently had a problem with the billing or payment at Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc, and I wanted you to know about it.

I bougth a home through Vanderbilt Mortgage Company. When I purchased the home,I was told that my payment would stay the same. Which was $430.76 through out my loan. I was told my loan was a fixed rate loan. Now Vanderbilt has raised my payment to $503.81. They said it was for a escrow account. I told them I never knew anything about a escrow account.All I knew was when I did the closure on the home. Norman Mills told me the escrow would not raise my payment it was just for insurance. He said in three years we need to get our own insurance. I asked him if this would raise my loan and he said NO! My loan would stay the same, he said it is a fixed rate. Today August 31, 2001, a lady from Vanderbilt told me that I would lose my home. I feel like I have been lied to by Luv Homes and Vanderbilt is taking advantage of me. I am disabled and legally blind. CAN YOU HELP ME I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO?

Angel and Larry Shaw

I seriously doubt whether I will do business with you in the future. I certainly won't recommend your company to people I know.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: Keep my payment as the orignal loan, the way I was told it would stay at $430.76. Also say that they are SORRY for telling me that I am going to lose my home. I haven't NEVER been late on my payments and I do have insurance at State Farm!
Angel and Larry Shaw

I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope this can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.


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by nessagirl Posted Tue March 18, 2014 @ 4:45 PM

I used to work for Vanderbilt/Clayton Homes and yes I was in
collections and I have heard and even told customers the same thing
that you were told. I was trained to say certain things and so I did.
I was promoted to team leader because I did my job so well, but ...
Once I had access to management material, even on my low level I
started to realize that so much of what we were expected to tell
homeowners was such bulls*** that I thought I might explode. I tried
so hard to question the process and I did ok at explaining the escrow
issues to people but I was only one person and Vanderbilt made such a
simple process of getting proof of insurance from the customer into
such a huge headache a lot of customers got really upset and
collection agents cut corners and flat out just did not do there jobs
well and well it was a huge stupid mess and nothing was being done to
fix it until it was too late for some. OH and let me tell you how hard
they made it for me to give people extensions so they could get caught
back up when they did get behind. It was like pulling teeth. That
wasn't the worst of it though. On a regular day I would be screamed
at, threatened, insulted and cursed to hell nearly all day long by
homeowners and renters. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part
was talking to people that really were having real money issues. Lost
Job, someone died, someone got really sick, car accident, Old and
alone, young and alone. It broke my heart and it started making me
sick because I was not givin any real authority to help any of them. I
was expected to demand money from these people and they really
honestly did not have it and there was nothing I could do to help
because they did not "qualify" for any assistance. and that is a whole
other story. I was getting in trouble because I could not get enough
people to pay, and then I was getting in trouble because I was not
"working" our accounts to my "fullest ability". in other words I
wasn't mean enough. Any way that place drove me crazy. I was
physically ill from my nerves and I was so depressed it was just... I
should have been hospitalized. That place is Hell and when Warren
Buffett bought it in like 2005 that is when it started getting really
bad and got worse and worse every year that went by. Im sorry that you
have to deal with that company. The drive there employees to
heartlessness just so they can get paid to feed there familys and its
just a terrible place to have to work for or do busniss with. Know
that you are not the only one they have hurt. You are not alone. I'll
think of you in my prayers.


Re:An angry father of five by Ricky P. Sat July 11, 2009 @ 1:01 PM
by mom6 Posted Thu December 24, 2009 @ 1:02 PM

I have been at this for 10 years...been through ever state agency,
federal agency, elected officials, the fair state of new mexico
politics and judicial system are as corrupt as they come...best of
luck to you all and please visit my website.

Vanderbilt attorneys depending on your state are just as corrupt and
meanwhile they keep gettin richer while the rest of us are facing
homelessness...I chose to after sooo many years of trying to get to
the truth, like the posting above with payments incresing daily for
excuses like escrow and property tax, and insurance, and more, said
"enuff" come and get it you stupid people, you'll have to kill me
first! Ahhhhh, still standing, but just barely, it will take an army
of people to expose vanderbilt and its subsidiarys....everyone is
scared...everyone but me!


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