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Roller Shoes need to be banned in Wal-Mart stores!

Posted Sun March 18, 2007 9:31 pm, by Mike H. written to Wal-Mart

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I am suggesting you ban roler skate shoes in all Wal-Mart stores. I work at the Wal-Mart on Main Street in Hamilton, Ohio, and I see lots of kids running around on roller shoes. This makes me nervous and upset. What would happen if one of those kids knocks me, one of my co-workers, or another customer over and a serious injury occurs? As a loyal hard working Wal-Mart employee who has been working for you for almost 8 years, I beg you to please ban roller skate shoes in all Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs stores before a customer or associate gets hurt.


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by jillian h. Posted Tue October 4, 2011 @ 8:31 PM

Im a kid with these shoes, they are pretty cool and i love going to
wal-mart to skate because the floor is so smooth... i always look out
for other people when im about to come out of the aisle or wherever
people might be coming. But thats me, most kids now have stupid
parents that dont care what their kids are doing, so alot of kids just
roll really fast all over the store and chase eachother. but i dont
think there is really a big need to bann them... kids will be kids and
dumb parents will sadly be dumb parents. :)

by fiesty Posted Sun August 24, 2008 @ 12:41 AM

by all means baned those roller shoes they are very dangeres in
stores to the eldery they cant get out of the way for the kids using
them. whats wrong with parents letting them in stores. yes pluse kids
have no respect for the adults

by DorothyHunny Posted Fri August 1, 2008 @ 2:52 PM

hahahahhahahhahahahha....I agree that the ban is just plain
stupid...Walmart sells the shoes...so how can they ask you not to wear
them after you buy them...since you are full of great ideas...help me
out with this...my four year old was buckled into a cart seat
properly...and some elderly woman turned the corner and hit my cart
with her cart...she smashed his fingers and we had lots of brusing
that occured even though the Walmart manager got the ice pack in
record time for us...So is your solution to ban all people from using
the carts or just the elderly...or maybe you think I am just being
silly like you....Some people need something to complain about all the
time...Well I hope everyone is having a great day...and thanks for the
great laugh...hahahahahahahahahahahaha


Haha. by Dustin S. Thu September 3, 2009 @ 7:34 PM

by Syele Posted Tue February 26, 2008 @ 6:46 PM

I used to work in a Wal-mart and managers did tell children that there
is no skating allowed in the store.

Do you let the children ride bikes, and skateboards in stores? How
about motor cycles? Why is there no sign saying no motor cycles in the
store? This is common sense folks.

There is a time and a place for skating and shopping is not one of
them. I've seen kids knock over displays and other people.

Parents who let their kid skate in stores, do you also pay for
anything they break when they accidentlly knock stuff over? Customers
do not own everything in the store. You only own what you pay for.
What happened to respect for other peoples property?


roller shoes by Rmatt1962 Sat March 22, 2008 @ 4:19 PM

heeleys while shopping by tornado Wed May 28, 2008 @ 4:24 PM
by margaret stanley Posted Sun February 24, 2008 @ 4:41 PM

I am a parent of 6 kids and all my children have a pair. I decided to
join the craze and got a pair myself!!! I know that these shoes are
alot of fun and we skate all the time. You have such great control
with these shoes and you can stop at any time. I believe that every
child should have a pair. Would you rather these kids sit at home on
video games watching tv all day getting fat? This is exercise and a
brilliant idea I hope the parents jump on this band wagon and get a
pair for themselves. I promise the workout will make your kids laugh!!
My kids had to teach me and they thought it was cool for them to
"teach" me something. I believe thtat they should be
allowed everywhere, and especially in a store that sells them or the
generic version. Heelys are great for the whole family and the people
that dont like it can just stay at home!!! I DARE you to tell me or
my kids to stop skating, I DARE YOU!!!!


Re: Roller Shoes need to be banned in Wal-Mart stores! by babydimples Mon April 21, 2008 @ 6:49 PM

I DARE YOU!!!!! by peace angel Wed May 21, 2008 @ 7:11 PM

Right on mama by tornado Wed May 28, 2008 @ 4:30 PM

ur nutso by freedomspeaks Mon July 7, 2008 @ 2:23 PM
by aakh87 Posted Fri December 21, 2007 @ 1:11 PM

I absolutely agree with you. If the child skates in the store and they
get hurt that is on the parent, however if they run into an elderly
person or another child who takes responsibility for that? ive seen an
elderly woman pushed into a rack by one of these kids and the kid
walked away laughing. Remember those signs no Skates allowed? that
means skate shoes too, no matter how good your child is at controlling
these things accidents are always a possibility and could be easily
avoided by not letting your child skate indoors. Walmart and other
stores are not playgrounds they are stores where everyone should be
able to walk around without fear of injury. My nine year old is
getting these for Christmas and you can bet she will never be seen
wearing this in the store or anywhere other than outside where all
skates belong.
Stop spoiling your children we were never allowed in the store with
skates on and we are none the worse for it.
Teach them patience make them wait until they are outside to skate and
stop risking injury to other people just so you can make your spoiled
children happy and keep them quiet so you can shop in peace if they
want to skate so bad hire a babysitter to stay home and take them
skating while you shop, a couple dollars for a sitter are well worth
removing the risk of injury to another human being.


by Jyllian Fraley Posted Sat November 17, 2007 @ 11:03 AM

My six year old son owns a pair of Heelys. While on a recent grocery
shopping trip at our local Wal-Mart, my husband and I ran into some
friends and my son was showing them his new roller shoes. An employee
came up to him and rudely snipped that he is not allowed to skate in
the store and walked away. This embarrassed and hurt my boy's
feelings, and resulted in tears. Of course I felt the need to defend
my child and spoke with the store manager. I can understand the safety
issue but if that is a new policy, since I've never heard of such, it
needs to be posted in the store...and the employee that snipped at my
child should have addressed myself or my husband who were standing
right there...not our six year old kid. He was not rolling all around
out of control, I'd never allow it! But had I been informed from the
employee, I could have asked my son not to roll in the store without
upsetting him.

by Char Collins Posted Wed October 17, 2007 @ 11:24 PM

And what if you get hit by a bus crossing the street. Quit being such
a miserable old crow and let kids be kids. If your old bones could
take it you know you would love to have a pair!!!

And no, I'm not a kid. I'm just an adult who would rather see kids
rolling down the aisles then glued to one of your multiple TV's in the
video game section..


by K Simone Posted Sun September 16, 2007 @ 1:19 AM

Why are you not more concerned about the children? What if they fall
in Wall-Mart and are seriously injured and the parents say that it is
because of the Wall-Mart skate shoes. You should more than likely
address this issue and not for yourself, but for the safety of the
customer. If it may be addressed as the parents need to know where the
appropriate places for thier children to skate safely should be, then
this issue may be resolved accordingly. Try that one first, and see
what happens. And don't adress it to the internet. Address it to
corprate office.


by motherofeight Posted Fri July 27, 2007 @ 9:10 PM

I just finished reading many of the comments made about the desire to
ban roller shoes from Wal-Mart and all I can say is ARRRRRRRGH! I
have now been called irresponsible and told my children are punks and
brats. I even read one note that suggested "accidentally" allowing a
child to get hurt by putting your cart in their path should they skate
past. This is all just silly. I feel it's a matter of knowing your
own children and their ability or lack there of. I have 3 boys
(actually I have 7 boys but only 3 have Heeleys) that regularly wear
their roller shoes in stores but I only allow one to stake becase he
is VERY good on his skates and even better then just walking. He is
mature and respectful of others and stays out of the way. The other
two are not at his level and are not allowed to skate. Even the one
who does will stop immediatly if asked by anyone! To say it is
irresponsible to allow this is rediculous! I have been more injured
by carts hitting my heals or side then ever could be hurt by most
rolling children yet we don't call it irresponsible to allow children
to push carts in the store. Parents are irresponhsible anytime they
fail to monitor any unsafe behavior of their children or fail to teach
children to respect or watch out for others. To assume that any child
on roller shoes is a punk or brat raised by irresponsible parents is
just very narrow minded thinking


be a parent by Adam Drelles Wed August 1, 2007 @ 10:44 PM
by Rick Robbins Posted Sun April 29, 2007 @ 10:14 AM

First of all, let me say, I am not suggesting child abuse. However, I
am 6'1 230lbs and I power lift every day at the gym.

I know most of you cannot do this, but if a run away kid is not
watching where he is going, I will stand still and let him/her run
into me. I have had a few kids do this and believe me, it hurts

Another think is the punks in the mall that walk right through people,
I do not move, I put a hard shoulder unto them. Again, I don't move,
they either take the brunt force or fall. Who is the tough guy now?

So, if you see a kid flying past you, you could easily be moving your
cart without paying attention and let them hit it or if your built
like I am, let them crash into you and then make a complaint.


I wish you would by deebrae Wed November 28, 2007 @ 3:29 PM
by jesse edmondson Posted Sun April 22, 2007 @ 4:13 AM

I thought they were banned!?
I work at a wal mart and I must here "Attention costomers, we do not
allow skating of any kind inside the store." about six times a day.


by Becky Thompson Posted Wed April 4, 2007 @ 11:25 PM

I think the parent of the children who wheel around the store should
be banned from WalMart. It's not the kid's intent to cause injury or
to send people in the aisle running to clear a path for their aberrant
behavior. The parents are completely to blame for not teaching their
children where it is appropriate to play, and when they need to act
respectable. Kids do not inherently know this information unless the
adult in charge teaches it to them.

Too many times parents feel like other adults should be looking out
for THEIR children. "It's funny that Johnny had an oopsie and
couldn't stop in time to avoid that collision." Whatever! Teach your
children to act responsibly and to actually care about the
inconvenience they place on others through their actions.

I have a 16 year old son, and he would absolutely NOT be wearing skate
shoes in any public store. Period. It's a respect thing that seems
to be lost on the general public nowadays. Now that my son is older,
he does his own thing. I don't have to tell him not to skate in
WalMart, because his upbringing has already put that message into his
head loud and clear!

Vent over!


hurray!! by Nayda Badillo Sat April 14, 2007 @ 12:43 AM

~~Clapping~~ Thank you! by C A Wed April 18, 2007 @ 4:06 PM
by Cor H Posted Wed April 4, 2007 @ 8:22 PM

I hadn't noticed children on these roller shoes at Wal*Mart until
after this letter was posted. Since that time, I've seen at least two
children skate right across an open area in front of other customers
with little regard for themselves, the other people or, it would seem,
the opinion of their parents.

Unfortunately, I must echo the opinion of many others here in that the
responsibility for supervising these children belongs to the parents
and the parents alone.

Wal*Mart should not be put into a position where the employees must
supervise every child that walks (or skates) through the doors.

by mari cooper Posted Sun April 1, 2007 @ 10:42 AM

Even people who are NOT parents, were children once themselves and
HAVE parents, so it's not like the whole parent-child situation is
foreign to them. All of you irresponsible parents out there who's
kids behave like brats from hell,(and discipline to you is a sugary
"no, no honey. dont do that, Ok?") just want someone to blame other
than yourselves for your complete lack of control. People who are NOT
parents may not know anything at all about parenting, but that has
nothing to do with the fact that your kids are spoiled ill-behaved
brats and you are too lazy or coddling to do anything about it. The
world doesn't owe your kid a damn thing, and it doesn't revolve around
him either. His rights do not override everyone else's, just because
he happens to be a minor. Get a grip!!


What is with the rant?? by TwinkleToes Sun April 1, 2007 @ 7:06 PM

Until you are a parent yourself by New Home Owning LadyMac Mon April 2, 2007 @ 6:02 PM

get a grip by luvinlife Sun June 3, 2007 @ 11:42 PM

by redheadedmama Posted Sat March 31, 2007 @ 2:47 AM

not ban them but the parents need to teach the kids that Walmart is
not a playground. WALK NORMALLY!!

by Mike Holly Posted Wed March 28, 2007 @ 5:54 PM

I think Heelys need to be banned nationwide. They are just too
dangerous for kids.


I wouldn't go THAT far... by TwinkleToes Thu March 29, 2007 @ 12:52 PM

The policy should state by >Leanne< Thu March 29, 2007 @ 1:57 PM
by Ga Peach Posted Tue March 27, 2007 @ 1:51 PM

How about the child? I didn't hear you mention their well being once.
It is the parents fault.


by Sick Erik Posted Tue March 27, 2007 @ 11:43 AM

This is outrageous! Wal-Mart lets these little pukes bring their
roller skates in the store and skate around all over the place,
knocking people over and causing mayhem, but just let me try to bring
my kayak in, and all of a sudden I'm the retarded one? Double
standard, Wal-Mart! Double standard!


EXTREME KAYAK! by JuliePie Wed March 28, 2007 @ 12:34 AM

Um, where's the water? by donno Wed March 28, 2007 @ 10:57 AM

Who needs water... by Blackrack Fri March 30, 2007 @ 7:24 AM

Mana mana do dooo dodododo by Gdess74 Sat April 21, 2007 @ 11:26 AM
by Beth Brownell Posted Mon March 26, 2007 @ 12:57 AM

I agree with you there. These heelies or roller shoes are dangerous in
stores. The kids do not care if they hit someone or fall on their
The parents will sue the store that they got injured in if there isn't
something done quickly as in banning those shoes from the store and
you can bet that the parents of an injured kid with those heelies will
sue the store for damages and for a high price because the store
didn't do anything to protect the kid from getting hurt when the
parents know that those shoes are not supposed to be worn inside
businesses with possibly slick floors. The kids will either pull
products off the shelves when they hit the shelving unit and they
could get injured.
Please ban them before you end up with a lawsuit on your hands.


They can sue all they want by tickytack Tue March 27, 2007 @ 9:48 AM

But... by PaintedLady Tue March 27, 2007 @ 1:55 PM

Absolutely by tickytack Tue March 27, 2007 @ 3:23 PM
by Cubjunkie Posted Mon March 26, 2007 @ 12:56 AM

My mother is filing suit because a child wearing these crashed into
her she fell and sprained her ankle in a grocery store. Only for
medical bills but she is making the parents pay. Frankly for being
such morons the parents should have to pay millions.

Kids too stupid to know what should be worn outside and inside are
born to people so stupid that they can't spell Dog if spotted the d
and the g.

The idiot parents told her to sue the store. Why? It wasn't the
store's fault that these 2 morons had this stuppid child together and
then let him heelie.


I hope your mother is OK... by C A Wed March 28, 2007 @ 12:47 PM

While I agree that they shouldn't be worn inside... by TwinkleToes Thu March 29, 2007 @ 12:34 PM

sometimes by >Leanne< Thu March 29, 2007 @ 1:53 PM

by trebleheart Posted Sun March 25, 2007 @ 4:22 PM

I totally agree. If some person gets injured from an irresponsible
kid who doesn't know how to stop, guess who it falls on. It wall fall
onto Walmart. All of the employees hardworking or not would be out of
a job. Isn't it funny that it takes one person to ruin it for


The idiot parents by Cubjunkie Mon March 26, 2007 @ 12:57 AM

A rebuttal by trebleheart Wed March 28, 2007 @ 6:49 PM

That's why they have by >Leanne< Thu March 29, 2007 @ 2:30 PM

by Somebody! Posted Sat March 24, 2007 @ 10:12 AM

Are "regular" roller skates allowed in these places? If not what are
these Heelies not banned as well? Sometimes the world just makes no


Just answering by Glitch Mon March 26, 2007 @ 7:34 PM
by Evelyn Orangatan Posted Thu March 22, 2007 @ 6:59 PM

At the Walmart in Harborcreek PA I got knocked down by one of these
unholy terrors zipping around causing havoc. A store employee ignored
the entire situation and continued stocking shelves while I got up
from the floor. When I saw that evil booger still wheeling around 20
minutes later he was educated about what an irate PMS female can do
with a shopping cart and a little motivation. Get on the stick
WalMart before people being to sue your sorry butt.


Wow.. by Juicy Jade Fri March 23, 2007 @ 3:25 PM

It is a child by donno Fri March 23, 2007 @ 5:43 PM

Looking back... by Always the bad guy! Sat March 24, 2007 @ 10:20 AM

Kids fear no one by elaniii Sat March 24, 2007 @ 11:02 AM

I think you said it best earlier in this thread (way down there) by RedheadWGlasses Sun March 25, 2007 @ 3:27 PM

YAY! by Always the bad guy! Sun March 25, 2007 @ 5:05 PM

Learning by elaniii Tue March 27, 2007 @ 3:13 AM

by savanasmom212 Posted Wed March 21, 2007 @ 7:12 PM

I work in a mall, and I can not count how many times I have seen these
kids in heelies run into the windows of the stores or beams in the
middle of the mall. Usually their OK, but i have had one parent run
into my store and have me call 911 because her kid, who was using
them, ran into a corner of a store and cracked their head open. I dont
know if she sued or not, but I strongly agree that they need to be
banned in public areas.


I am surprised by A A Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:48 PM

Heelies in the mall by rebekahsue Tue April 3, 2007 @ 5:20 PM

by GryphonsKeeper Posted Wed March 21, 2007 @ 6:09 PM

Every parent who buys wheelies for their kids should be forced to buy
an insurance policy to cover all the accidents THEY CAUSE.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a kid on wheelies and
wanted to put my foot out and watch them fly across the floor on their


Humm there ya go by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 6:45 PM

You already know.. by GryphonsKeeper Wed March 21, 2007 @ 7:27 PM

Yes, some kind of sign would help. n/t by >Leanne< Thu March 29, 2007 @ 11:17 PM

Put your foot out you moron by badturtle Sat August 4, 2007 @ 9:50 PM

by Elaine Williams Posted Wed March 21, 2007 @ 1:43 PM

I agree. I work in Meijer and I can't count the number of times that
I have almost been run down by one of these kids zipping back and
forth around the checklanes while their parents shop...or even
unaccompanied. Our wide aisles around the service area are ideal for
that sort of thing.

Of course, we also have two older ladies who come in and ride their
Hoveround scooters full tilt thru the aisles...if you get in their
way...too bad. It's like Hell's Grannies terrorizing the shoppers and
employees. They have been asked not to drive them in the store and use
our electric carts instead (which don't go nearly as fast as their
scooters and are less manuverable) but they insist on speeding around
in our store.
Both the kids with the Heelies and those women on the scooters need to
show a little respect and common courtesy for others instead of
endangering them with their actions. If they can't, then I guess a ban
of both items would be in order.


I'd love to see THAT sign! by PaintedLady Wed March 21, 2007 @ 3:41 PM

Hell's Grannies by Harleycat Fri March 23, 2007 @ 1:58 PM

Hell's Grannies by Blackrack Fri March 23, 2007 @ 8:31 PM

Monty Python did a Hell's Granny's by C A Wed March 28, 2007 @ 12:51 PM

by JuliePie Posted Wed March 21, 2007 @ 8:22 AM

Oh, and I have to post again with another random concern I have about
these stupid shoes.

When they first came out, the shoes had a wheel that popped in and out
when you wanted to skate or walk. Now, the wheel just stays there.

Have the parents that bought these shoes for their kids seen how the
kids are walking in them? They are walking on the sides of their feet
or on their toes. These are kids that are still growing. Do they have
any idea what kids of problems these kids will have with their feet
and legs as they grow. To this day I have problems with my feet from
having crappy shoes when I was a kid. But these parents are wasting
$80 a pair on shoes that will give their kids the same problems.


My 10 year old sister has Heeleys by TwinkleToes Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:52 AM

A few short months? by AuPair Courtney ! Wed March 21, 2007 @ 11:27 AM

Shut up! by TwinkleToes Wed March 21, 2007 @ 12:00 PM

Rock On! by BigRed Wed March 21, 2007 @ 1:35 PM

you know it :P by AuPair Courtney ! Wed March 21, 2007 @ 4:44 PM

I left some advice by Always the bad guy! Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:50 PM

Those make more sense by JuliePie Wed March 21, 2007 @ 1:44 PM

by SiouxFan Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 8:59 PM

I agree they should be banned just as rollerblades, skateboards, etc.
are already banned.

Just recently at our store (not a Wal-mart) there were a bunch of kids
with their mother that were shopping. My friend and co-worker was
working in her department and heard the one of the kids yell,
"Wipeout!" Because she didn't want to be liable for any injuries, she
went over to them and told them nicely that they couldn't use the
roller aspect of their shoes in the store. Guess what the mom said to
her kids? "Keep using them."

Now can anyone guess who would be the first one to scream lawsuit when
one of her little precious monsters falls and cracks their head open?

These roller shoes are unsafe in a store where other people are
shopping, both for the user and whomever else is shopping.


SiouxFan by Tina . Sat March 24, 2007 @ 10:58 AM

Hmm... by SiouxFan Mon April 30, 2007 @ 9:51 PM
by S. Brown Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 7:51 PM

These things should be considered the same as any wheeled item such as
a bike, skates, skateboard, etc. and banned wherever the
aforementioned items are prohibited. And I also believe parents need
to take some sort of responsiblity to teach their children about
safety and also pay attention to what they are doing. I've had a
couple of kids wearing these wheel shoes (or whatever they are called)
actually run into my cart and the parents in turn yell at me to be
more careful. Now that went over real big with me . . . .


by Adam W Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:20 PM

While I agree with you, it's the parents who should be held
responsible. Letting your children roll around in a Walmart on these
things is dangerous for everyone.


But... by PaintedLady Tue March 20, 2007 @ 5:49 PM

I hope.... by Adam W Fri March 23, 2007 @ 2:34 PM
by BigRed Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 10:18 AM

No doubt they should be banned from all stores as they pose a risk to
everyone. That being said I'm 34 years old and looking for a pair for
myself and I would love to roll around on those nice smooth floors at
Walmart and I'm sure Sam Walton would as well.


You're 34 years old?!?!?! by Firebrat Tracy Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:06 PM

I know!! by AuPair Courtney ! Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:18 PM

today is my first day by BigRed Tue March 20, 2007 @ 1:45 PM

by AuPair Courtney ! Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 9:05 AM

I love heelies! Yes, I agree they should be banned from inside areas,
but I don't agree with everyone who's screaming that they hate them
and they should be banned everywhere. Heelies should not be allowed
anywhere that skateboards are not allowed. BUt I don't think it's fair
to bemoan how dangerous they are outside or how kids almost got hit by
cars. They almost get hit on skateboards, rollar blades, bikes,
scooters, pogo sticks, you name it. It's the parent's responsibility
to teach children to use their equipment in a safe and courteous
manner. If I had a tween though, I'd buy them for him in a heartbeat.


I think by pinksnake Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:22 PM

PB I think most parents by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 6:49 PM

You need to look at who you are commenting too by pinksnake Wed March 21, 2007 @ 7:22 PM

Parenting by Happily Unemployed LadyMac Wed March 21, 2007 @ 7:37 PM

I think what I said by pinksnake Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:25 PM

No, what you said was by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:48 PM

Like I've already said by pinksnake Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:08 PM

But how did they know by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:26 PM

The parents and a friend. by pinksnake Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:44 PM

That would be highly unusual by >Leanne< Thu March 22, 2007 @ 12:05 AM

Could you.. by The New and Improved Brenda Thu March 22, 2007 @ 6:45 PM

Lying liars and the lies they tell by RedheadWGlasses Thu March 22, 2007 @ 6:55 PM

by Gonda! Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 9:03 AM

I totally agree, for the workers safety AND the childs safety. I work
in a retail store on weekends and one day this child was skating
around the store, flipped backwards and hit his head on our tiled
floor. He wasn't seriously injured, but could have been.

It's sickening to see parents walk into a retail store, go in one
direction and send their kids in another! Parents need to be
responsible for their children at all times, period.


Re: Roller Shoes need to be banned in Wal-Mart stores! by Kristin B Mon March 19, 2007 @ 11:44 PM

You purposely injured a child?? by JME Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:21 AM

Off the Clock... by Kristin B Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:49 AM

yeah right by kim marshall Tue March 20, 2007 @ 1:49 AM

Good Grief Kristin by Chris M Tue March 20, 2007 @ 7:14 AM

Still assault on a child by JME Tue March 20, 2007 @ 8:04 AM

on OR off... by Angelic Princess:) Tue March 20, 2007 @ 2:29 PM

Did what you "had" to do? by tickytack Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:14 PM

Am I the only one who found this funny? by JuliePie Tue March 20, 2007 @ 7:54 AM

Not funny at all by JME Tue March 20, 2007 @ 8:02 AM

I'm really hoping by Cass Tue March 20, 2007 @ 8:18 AM

YES IT IS OKAY TO HARM A CHILD ON PURPOSE by RedheadWGlasses Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:53 PM

Okay I've calmed down by RedheadWGlasses Tue March 20, 2007 @ 1:03 PM

Red, usually I agree with you, but not on this. by Cass Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:17 PM

Absolutely agree with you, Cass. n/t by TwinkleToes Tue March 20, 2007 @ 5:41 PM

Wouldn't happen to my kid by JuliePie Wed March 21, 2007 @ 8:07 AM

Thanks JuliePie by Kristin B Tue March 20, 2007 @ 11:34 AM

As a parent of an almost 13 year old by Happily Unemployed LadyMac Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:01 PM

It's amazing I still have to repeat this... by Kristin B Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:11 PM

You, ma'am, disgust me! by Firebrat Tracy Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:17 PM

Yet you are so proud of your actions by Happily Unemployed LadyMac Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:18 PM

There were other ways you could have handled it by tickytack Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:16 PM

wouldn't have had to do it? by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:25 AM

Your temper is where the problem lies n/t by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:23 AM

yea... by Angelic Princess:) Tue March 20, 2007 @ 2:31 PM
by TwinkleToes Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:23 PM

And had that been my kid... I would have had him point you out to me
and I would have beat you down.

JuliePie, I had the utmost respect for you until you sided with this
child abuser.

Would this be equally as humorous if after he hit his head on the
display he COULDN'T get back up and remained in a vegetative state?
Children make bad decisions. Does that mean society should go around
knocking them down like a bunch of school yard bullies?


I'm on Kristin's side on this by RedheadWGlasses Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:51 PM

What if she had just shoved him away from her? by RedheadWGlasses Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:55 PM

I'm sure everyone on here... by JuliePie Wed March 21, 2007 @ 8:13 AM

I don't find any of that funny.... by TwinkleToes Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:47 AM

Not funny by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 3:31 PM

It is not Kristin's, your's or my responsibility to teach any child that doesn't belong to us a lesson. by TwinkleToes Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:59 PM

Teaching by elaniii Tue March 20, 2007 @ 3:06 PM

An accident teaches? LMAO by TwinkleToes Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:01 PM

Twinkle Toes by Happily Unemployed LadyMac Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:05 PM

I understand that this was intentional... by TwinkleToes Tue March 20, 2007 @ 5:40 PM

I agree, TT by RedheadWGlasses Tue March 20, 2007 @ 7:42 PM

I'm so glad you came around! :D by TwinkleToes Tue March 20, 2007 @ 9:17 PM

LOL by Cass Wed March 21, 2007 @ 8:19 AM

How bout a case of cookies? by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:05 AM

It's not. by elaniii Wed March 21, 2007 @ 2:19 AM

Elanii by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 10:37 AM

It was very wrong by elaniii Wed March 21, 2007 @ 11:14 AM

It was obvious by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 1:29 PM

lesson learned by luvinlife Sun June 3, 2007 @ 11:56 PM

At first by pinksnake Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:52 PM

*everything* happens to Lisa/PoetryBabe/Jennyluvsgames/LittleTrooper by RedheadWGlasses Wed March 21, 2007 @ 1:48 PM

What is your problem? by pinksnake Wed March 21, 2007 @ 2:32 PM

There's someone I'd like to introduce you to by Venice Thu March 22, 2007 @ 5:05 AM

That's very interesting by pinksnake Thu March 22, 2007 @ 8:55 PM

How about... by Always the bad guy! Thu March 22, 2007 @ 10:28 PM

Haha... good one! n/t by Venice Thu March 22, 2007 @ 11:25 PM

Shame on you Kristin by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:15 AM

What you should have done Kristin by >Leanne< Wed March 21, 2007 @ 9:22 AM

My 2 cents.. by Tina . Sat March 24, 2007 @ 10:55 AM

Your a complete tool by Char Collins Wed October 17, 2007 @ 11:36 PM

kristin's story should teach a lesson to parents by heckyesnikki Sun February 17, 2008 @ 8:45 PM

by Gino Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 11:29 PM

I absolutely agree with you. These things ARE dangerous. While they're
at it they should ban skateboards, inline skates, stilletto heels on
people who aren't accustomed to walking in them, some senior drivers
who barrel through the lot or drive in braille (no offense).

Although I've never seen them in Walmart- I also feel those "kiddie
carts" and the long carts that look like cars that the parent's cannot
control properly.They may look "cute" and enticing to people with
children, they pose a great danger to shoppers and employees.

Great Letter! I hope you get a response!


by 79stripes Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 8:53 PM

Few things bring out blind rage in me and for some reason those stupid
shoes do. I'm not sure if it's that they are most often used by a
demographic that I am not fond of (the tween-set) or that I find them
to be utterly pointless (do they make you get places faster?? What
purpose could they possibly have?!?!), but whenever I see a kid on
these in a store I want to push them down! (rant over) :-)

I think this is a great idea, Mike. I honestly hadn't considered the
safety aspect. My local Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have signs
banning them, as does the local mall, I believe. I'm not sure who
enforces this, but I think it's a great idea


by vc Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 8:48 PM

I can't say they bother me. But if I had to work around them, I'd
probably change my tune.

Of course, while they look stupid and are probably unsafe for someone
of my limited coordination. I still want some. Just to wear at work
to peeve my boss.

They're probably like Jet Skis. I hate, hate, hate Jet Skis when I'm
fishing or trying to chill out on the water. But man those things are
fun when you get on one.


by donno Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 7:04 PM

I agree roller shoes pose a serious threat to personal injury. While
the kids I have observed generally have looked responsible, it is just
an accident waiting to happen. Can't you see a kid barrelling over a
senior citizen?

I simply can't fathom what agency or political force condoned the
implementation of phone use by drivers. I have seen many cases of
drivers who freely admit their attention is distracted by talking on
their phones. On edmunds.com, one driver wrote "Thanks for putting
Bluetooth in your car, because now I can talk on the phone without
driving all over the road." Then she wrote "ha ha". It isn't funny -
it creates a major hazard on both highways and local roads. Why
should I have to wait around until someone finds the right button
before they hit the gas pedal?

Back to your topic, I could not agree more. They won't let people
ride around on bikes in the store, why let them skate?


by JuliePie Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 6:46 PM

Roller shoes need to be banned everywhere. I hate those freakin'


Oh, and another thing... by JuliePie Mon March 19, 2007 @ 6:48 PM

by Cee Dub Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:38 PM

Yes! Thank you! All that needs to happen is some stupid adolescent
(that's usually what I see wearing them) gets injured in one of your
locations and his parents sue the company!


The sad thing is the parents would win. by p d Mon March 19, 2007 @ 10:38 PM

I don't know about that, p.d. by tickytack Tue March 20, 2007 @ 4:21 PM

by calm Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:08 PM

In my neighborhood we've got unsafe drivers, a ton of construction
that shuts down huge sections of sidewalk (there are plenty of places
I can't get to without riding in the street), and some family
attractions that appear to attract mainly families in which the
parents do not feel as if they are in any way responsible for their
children's behavior. (Yes, I realize that those are the ones I notice
more and that it therefore seems as if a higher percentage of families
are like that than is actually true.)

Sooner or later some little heellion who feels like rolling around
intersections without paying any attention to where the cars are is
going to get hit. Seriously. (And I bet I already know which
intersection it's going to be, too.) The building next to ours has
gotten hit enough times, and it doesn't dart out in front of people.

I have no problem with kids who are (with or without parental support)
capable of using them safely and responsibly in areas that aren't
congested and where people, cars, etc., don't suddenly pop out from
around corners and so on. (Well, I guess I do have a problem but I
understand that it's *my* problem.) But I do not understand parents
who let their children put these things on and then don't bother to
take a sufficiently hands-on approach to parenting to keep their kids
and everybody else in the area safe.

That said, I do understand why someone making Wal-Mart wages wouldn't
want to ask parents to keep track of their children. The parents who
are going to be nice about it are almost never the parents who need to
be spoken to.


by nick l Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 4:01 PM


If light-up shoes could be banned in some places for being hazard, why
are Heelys still allowed? They are much more hazardous in that they
can cause accidents and injuries if a kid can't figure out how to stop
in time.


by >Leanne< Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 3:17 PM

I agree with this. I see the kids wizzing around suddenly. You have no
way to predetermine if they have wheelies on and then they are
suddenly flying past you spinning and having fun then come to a stop
and start walking as if nothing happened. Would be easy to put a sign
up for it, even written in plain marker.


by Harleycat Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 1:17 PM

I have to agree with you on this. I can't stand those things and
especially can't stand that parents just turn a blind eye to their
kids and allow them to roll around the store.

I had surgery on my left hip in January and am finally starting to get
around better but I still have to protect the joint. Some kid almost
hit me right on the hip rolling around on those things. Luckily I saw
him and was able to turn and protect my hip. I shot the parent a
dirty look but they were completely oblivious as to why.


So many parents... by PaintedLady Mon March 19, 2007 @ 3:40 PM

by RedheadWGlasses Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 12:47 PM

Here in Minnesota, we have the most ridiculous law. You know those
short little motorized bikes/motorcycles that are way shorter than
normal? They're completely road legal here in Minnesota, FOR 12 YEAR
OLDS. That's right -- 12-year-old kids can ride them on city streets
with no limitations -- no helmet, no turn signals, no headlights.
Those little jerks zip through stop signs, stop lights, etc.

Any parent who buys one of them for their child should be beaten to a
pulp with the fender of the first car their kid hits.


wonderful parents by Juicy Jade Mon March 19, 2007 @ 12:58 PM

Beat Me! by Dark Pixie Tue March 20, 2007 @ 10:48 AM

Can you imagine your kid riding one in rush-hour traffic? by RedheadWGlasses Tue March 20, 2007 @ 12:58 PM

Make Sure They're Scared Of You... by Dark Pixie Tue March 20, 2007 @ 6:21 PM

by Blackrack Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 12:35 PM

I REALLY hate those things. They're annoying, they're dangerous, and
they leave the worst skid marks on tile floor that someone (usually
me) ends up cleaning off of the floor.

Our local rink has banned them, and I've noticed a couple stores in my
area have gotten the message. I hope this is one fad that wears itself
out quickly.


Roller Shoes need to be banned in Wal-Mart stores! by LurkerNoMore Mon March 19, 2007 @ 2:12 PM
by Manda R Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 11:26 AM

Its funny that I'm reading this now because this weekend I had an
experience with "Heelys" and my nephews. I was watching my nephews and
had to run into Wal-Mart for a few things. I absolutely can't stand
when children are running (or rolling) around in stores so I made a
deal with my nephews. I told them while we were outside of the
Wal-mart to and I quote "get your rolling fix out now because once we
get into that store, I better not see you rolling around." I was
pretty stern but not a dictator about it. They knew I meant business
so they rolled right up to the door and as soon as we walked in they
stopped. The whole time we were in there, they behaved. My point in
telling this story is that I don't necessarily think that Wal-mart
should ban the shoes but that maybe parents should be responsible
enough to tell there children "NO." If Wal-mart feels that it is going
to be an issue maybe as a friendly reminder they can post signs in the
front of the store saying that rolling around while in the store is
prohibited and that it is up to the parents to supervise their
children to make sure no one is injuried. After all, shouldn't parents
be watching their children anyway when they go inside a store?


I think you hit the nail on the head by pinksnake Mon March 19, 2007 @ 12:27 PM

by Angelic Princess:) Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 10:38 AM

They shouldn't just ban them in Wal-Mart... they should ban them in
all stores, especially in stores that get very busy and crowded.But I
also agree with the previous posts.. if the parents kept an eye on the
children more.. it woulnd't be such an issue.


by PaintedLady Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 10:37 AM

should be banned from ALL stores. They are an accident waiting to
happen, and I have yet to see a child who is carefully watching out
for others while using them in stores (not to say there aren't any,
but I have yet to see one).
I work for a "home improvement warehouse", and kids are constantly
running into strangers and whipping around corners on them without
looking out for people, forklifts, or pallet jacks, any of which could
cause serious injury (not even mentioning the loose bolts, wrappers,
or wood scraps that could cause a painful wipeout!).
I agree with other commenters that the parents should be taking care
of the situation, but in the majority of the cases I've seen (and been
involved in), they are more upset about someone saying something to
their angel than the possibility of injury to their child or others.
An outright ban would help the issue.
That said, I think Heelies are a great idea when used in the right
places. It a great idea to get kids moving, rather than sitting in
front of the TV.


I agree! by tater30 Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:01 PM

by Jeffrey Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 10:16 AM

I might head over to the Wal-Mart later today to see what rules they
DO have posted. It seems obvious to me that (regular) roller skates
wouldn't be allowed, but something makes me think that this might not
be a posted rule.

I'm pretty sure that there's no sign on the door that says "no
throwing oil on the floor" or "no jumping out at people and yelling

Why? Because people, in general, have common sense about what's
dangerous and what's not. Kids, lacking this ability, are supposed to
be under the supervision of an adult that does have the common sense.

My son, who is 4, tends to run around in stores. When I'm not
watching him and controlling his behavior (which I do). Wal-Mart
doesn't have signs that say "no running 4 year olds." They rely on
my, as a parent, to ensure that my child is not causing a dangerous

However, if my son is causing a dangerous situation and I, the parent,
am not remedying this, then I think it's appropriate for an employee
to come to me and say "he's causing a dangerous situation, please
remedy it or he's going to have to leave." I'd feel embarrassed, for
sure. But I'd understand... because it's MY job to control him.
Likewise, if a kid on Hellies (sp?) was skating around the store in a
dangerous way, I think it's reasonable to an employee (or another
customer) to ask the kid's parents to control their child.


by MA Loper Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 10:06 AM

I have to agree with you Mike - they are a nuisance.

Problem is, the reason they're a nuisance is because parents don't
monitor their kids when they wear them. It wouldn't be a problem if
the kids had enough sense not to go zipping around the store, darting
in front of people.

Could they put a sign on the door that says "No rollershoes allowed?"
At least that would alert the parents and the children going in that
they'd better keep their wheels in the shoes while in the store.

It's sad really, something that should be so common-sensical has to be
turned into a rule in order to protect everyone from the stupidity of
a few.


I'm a total copy cat! by Manda R Mon March 19, 2007 @ 11:28 AM

That must mean. . . by MA Loper Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:46 PM

by pinksnake Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 9:56 AM

I agree that they should be banned. My friend has a son that just
turned two and was almost plowed into 3 times by the same kid wearing
those shoes. We had to put him in the basket (wich is usually a
punishment for him) just to keep him from getting hurt. Ontop of
banning these shoes I think Wal-Mart should come up with an "under 16"
policy like many malls have. Nobody under 16 allowed in with out
parental supervision and if they are caught wondering through the
store alone then they are taken to the office and the parents paged
and told to leave. Or something simular to that. I hate going to
Wal-Mart because of the fact that parents don't control their kid(s)
and let them go running all over the place being little terrors.


by RedheadWGlasses Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 9:24 AM

The world is full of "what if" scenarios. Unless you nearly got
knocked over or really did get run into, you have nothing to complain
about. Those shoes scuff up floors, so it's Walmart's problem if they
don't prohibit the wearing of those shoes in the store (I've seen
signs at other businesses forbidding the shoes).


by CandyPickletoes Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 9:07 AM

My boys have these shoes, they are called Heeleys. There is nothing
wrong with these shoes in the correct environment but they should not
be allowed in any enclosed public space (ie: mall, restaurant, grocery
store, etc.) It should be posted on the doors of all establishments,
that way everyone knows and the wheels can be removed before entering
the establishment.

Luckily, my boys are more into wearing them when we are outside than
they are when we go to enclosed spaces. See, these shoes just aren't
cool looking enough for them anymore.

All it will take is for one of those children riding those shoes in a
Wal-Mart store, fall down, get injured, and Mom and Dad pulling
Wal-Mart through all kinds of litigation (not that they would win but
fighting litigiation is costly).


Didn't your boys have a problem by Venice Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:56 PM

They sure did by CandyPickletoes Tue March 20, 2007 @ 10:28 AM

Yes, I remember reading it in your blog by Venice Thu March 22, 2007 @ 4:50 AM

by Firebrat Tracy Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 9:01 AM


I've been in your Wal-Mart and an additonal hazard would be all of the
un-packed stock sitting around in the aisles. I can't imagine adding
kids on roller-shoes into that mix.

Have you spoken to your manager about it?


Rollers by Mike Holly Mon March 19, 2007 @ 6:58 PM

by tickytack Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 8:52 AM

I completely agree! I cannot believe any responsible parent would
allow their kid to zip up and down store aisles without regard to

Well, let me amend that. I couldn't believe it until I nearly got
plowed over in a store by a kid wearing these.

Horrid invention all around, in my opinion.

Great letter, by the way.


by Juggles Bodine Posted Mon March 19, 2007 @ 5:39 AM

I agree. I don't like them either.


by Venice Posted Sun March 18, 2007 @ 11:01 PM

Gee Mike, you commented on the first two letters I looked at, and I
agree with you in both instances. Every time I see kids rolling
around a store with those skates, I feel the same way you do. It's
not safe.

by TwinkleToes Posted Sun March 18, 2007 @ 10:44 PM

Mike, for once I agree with your complaint. However, how would you
suggest Wal-Mart and Sam's Club enforce this rule? The wheels aren't
obvious unless the child comes rolling in.


I guess the only thing they can do by Venice Sun March 18, 2007 @ 10:59 PM

I always see associates on the floor at our Walmart... by TwinkleToes Sun March 18, 2007 @ 11:21 PM

An idea by Mike Holly Mon March 19, 2007 @ 8:31 AM

I think... by TwinkleToes Mon March 19, 2007 @ 9:55 AM

You're right by cderekg72 Fri March 23, 2007 @ 4:30 PM

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