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Adult Protective Services of St. Joseph County, Indiana

Posted Tue July 17, 2007 9:49 am, by private p.

My realtive is dying. She is 87 years old and a bonified hermit. During her final stages of life...we enlisted the services of Hospice home care. Being a bonified hermit she resisted the thought of having anyone coming in to check on her and be with her. Finally after a couple of weeks of resistance, she agreed to the service.
She had just got signed up and had seen the visiting nurse for the first time when low and behold, Adult Protective Services of St. Joseph county Indiana swooped in! I was at home when I was called by one of her neighbors to tell me that there are police and an ambulance at her home in South Bend. By the time we got there to find out what was going on...no one but my aunt was to be found. Everything in her home seemed normal, except the fact she was very upset that these people broke into her home without being asked. (wouldn't you be?). Well, we saw that everything was ok, and calmed her down so she could go back to bed.
We arrived the next day and administered her medication and food as we always have for the past 10 or 11 months after her initial stay in the hospital. We were getting into our car to leave when low and behold here come adult protective services again!!!! They told us of the response they made the night before and at first were very nice to us. When we could not understand their concern, they began to bully us. They voiced their findings. 1: My aunts house seemed warm to them. Well I said....almost all elderly folks have it warm in their house. Their circulation is not what it used to be and they feel cold almost all of the time. He ignored my answer. 2: He said my aunt could not find her medicine and did not know where it was. I told him that we do not allow an 87 year old lady (who is dying) to self-medicate. Sh could very easily forget to take it....or take too much. Again he ignored my answer. He then said my aunt seemed confused. I told him, so would I if I knew I was under hospice care and all that intails and then some strangers broke into my house late in the evening and was asking me alot of questions. And once more he ignored my answer.
He then told me my aunt was in danger. And gave an unlikely scenario of her having a fire in her home and being unable to get out. I thought about it and replied. "You know, there are likely some quadrapallegics in this county. I can bet you anything you want that there are some in their 20's and 30's and yet they are allowed to live in their homes! I believe they would have a harder time getting out of their homes than my aunt who is mobile and alert (for an 87 year old). Her house is as neat as a pin! No dust anywhere! No trash! No clutters anywhere to be found! Now someone as sick as she is that keep a nice and neat house the way she does surely must be capable and mobile to escape any aledged fire!" He did not like my answers. He then threatened us... Saying he could have a court order to remove her if we did not take her to the hospital. Well, we agreed to take her to the hospital. When she got there after a noisy and aggitating ride. They discharged her! Why? She refused treatment which is why she had hospice in the first place!!! She was not allowed to go home, so she was taken to Hospice House (a temporary care fascility). I spent days on the phone talking to different agencies to help my aunt return home. Finally she is home under 24 hour nursing care. (basically an expensive baby sitter). We are spending almost $500 a day for this. And we still have to drive the 20 miles per day to dispense the medicine, get her groceries and to prepare her meals.
All we did was get a lot of grief from APS.
And after a little investigating... We found APS works for the local prosecutors office. We were told by a local attorney that this is nothing but a "political device" for a "political machine" As long as APS shows good numbers (meaning raids on the elderly homes), then the prosecutor can show good numbers. If he has good numbers, he gets his name splashed in the press and he gets re-elected. Get the picture? I also interviewed the ambulance drivers who took her to the hospital. And the ambulance drivers that took her to Hospice House. They all 4 told me that the little snotty woman leading the APS team was in fact acting like a NAZI!! They said they had wittnessed time and time again the removal of the elderly from their homes, when in fact there was no signs that they were in any danger or any more danger than your average citizen.
I also talked to a few attorneys that specialize in "elder law". One of them claimed to have spent most of his time fighting them in fact. He related to me that the "little nazi girl" that lead that APS team had told him "off the record". That she felt that no one over the age of 85, regardless of health should be allowed to live at home! That is unthinkable!
And that is age discrimination! Is there no one who will stand up and help these elderly that are basically being "kidnapped" from their homes and loved ones? I found there are little to none. No one to turn to. No one to talk to. No one who is interested in even listening.

It is not what I would like APS to do.
I just want to get the word out to all about the elderly and their rights. APS does not recognize that they even have rights. Who will speak for them? Who will defend them?
Just be aware that this sort of thing goes on all of the time. Don't live in denial and think that it can't happen to you and yours. IT CAN!
Do not ever call on these people to alledgedly help any adult or ederly person. Go and talk to the family or the elderly you are concerned about first! Never assume things are as bad as YOU think.... Unfortunately....too many assume and it causes great heartache and hardship on the people who get reported.
And as that little "natzi girl" said....."I don't care" If she said it once...she said it 15 times while we were talking to this team.
"They don't care". They don't care about anything except looking "good" and making the prosecutor DiVorak look "good". Our elderly and sick are just an ends to their means"
Do not enlist any agencies! Help the elderly yourself and don't let any "ears" hear about their personal business.


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by roger m. Posted Wed August 27, 2008 @ 9:06 AM

Private P.

Please give me the name of the attorney that you contacted as we may
be the next to be fighting these folks.
My father in law had terminal cancer and passed away in January. He
got so sick that we had to move in to take care of him instead of
putting him in assisted care allowing him to stay at home. My mother
in law when she saw the end of her "good life" became severely
depressed and became unreasonable. At one point when she was messing
with his meds and oxygen as he was dying and one minute refusing to
talk to him and the next minute cuddling up to him saying"don't leave
me with them", we had to really yell at her to try to straighten her
out. She then ran up the hospital hall loudly telling the nurses we
were abusing her. Call #1 to APS. Her doctor ( an indian internist
does not believe in prescribing mood enhancing drugs or counseling ao
we were unable to get her medical help. Finally, she acted up in
front of her cardiologist and we just recently got her a very light
mood enhancing medication which is helping greatly. Unfortunately, in
the meantime, the next door neighbor has a very different daughter who
lives with them that works for Madison Center as a counselor and she
has an extremely different boyfriend who also works for Madison
Center. Apparently they have also called APS several times to report
verbal abuse when we have had loud family discussions regarding my
Mother in Law not taking her medications as prescribed. This elderly
lady is also on exrtreme blood thinners and bruises just be folding
her arms. She self inflicts bruises, shows them to these same people
and when asked about the bruises says "I'd rather not say"

We felt like we were finally on the road to her recovery.as she has
been better since we finally got her the medical attention she
needed.. now suddenly in pops APS. They haven't done anything yet,
but we want to be prepared.

Thanks.. Stuck with Mom

by emjgin2 Posted Sat January 12, 2008 @ 9:53 AM

Dear Private P,
How can we get ahold of you to talk to you and find out which
attorneys you used. We are finding ourselves in the same predicament.
Please help.


by Harleycat Posted Tue July 17, 2007 @ 12:53 PM

I agree with Redhead (again). There are definitely better ways to
pursue this. I would suggest taking this up the line with local
government. Does your county have a supervisor? I'd start with

I agree that many elderly people are capable of living alone. My
mother is one of them. She's 85 and still lives alone. She stayed
with me briefly prior to and after having surgery but she really
couldn't wait to get home. I help out where I can mostly with
ordering her groceries and having them delivered.


by RedheadWGlasses Posted Tue July 17, 2007 @ 12:19 PM

If you have a complaint about this government agency, there are proper
-- and more effective -- tools and processes for filing a grievance
than using this website. If you feel this strongly about this issue,
I suggest you use them, if you want to effect any change.


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