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Expired Foods at Safeway

Posted Sun September 14, 2008 12:00 pm, by Sunshine B. written to Safeway, Inc.

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The other evening I ran in Safeway to pick up a few things I'd forgotten to pick up at the Commissary the day before. The Safeway is located in Fountain, Co. When I shop I check expiration dates of items that I don't use often so that it wouldn't be expired before I got around to using them. Anyway... I found numerous items on the shelves that were way past their expiration dates. Tarter sauce, pre-packaged potato flakes, etc. I was mortified. How are you going to have expired food products on the shelves... makes me wonder what you're selling in the deli and the bakery. I do believe that this is more than enough to stop me from shopping at this store.

You have employees... employees are responsible for stocking the shelves. Shouldn't they also be responsible for making sure that nothing is on the shelf MONTHS after their expiration dates? They are put on the packages for a reason. They are not a suggestion. I wonder how many people have gotten sick buying 2 and 3 month past expiration date tarter sauce at your store.


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by Thomas B. Posted Mon September 29, 2008 @ 9:26 AM

As I was stocking the commissary, I have found expired baby formula.
One night, I found 12 cans of formula 9 months past the use-by date. I
once found a can that was over a year past the use-by date. I also
found a box of cereal 17 months past the expiration date. I have also
found a large quantity of recipe Secrets soup mixes that have expired.
As per the contract, I pulled the expired product.


by dulynoted (aka duttycalls) Posted Wed September 17, 2008 @ 5:26 PM

Since getting a spoiled container of cottage cheese many years ago I
make it a point to check expiration dates on all foods in the coolers.
(I also check cereal boxes for expiration dates also...don't know why
I got into that habit).
However I rarely check anything else on the shelves but I will from
now on.

Thanks for the reminder...I am sure we all will check on these dates


by Casmly Posted Mon September 15, 2008 @ 3:18 PM

I hear what Venice is saying, but I say this isn't an issue to lose
business over. I am not as diligent as I need to be when it comes to
checking expiration dates. But on the other hand when I do check them
I wouldn't dream of buying something that's past it's expiration date,
suggestion or not.


Oh, I wouldn't buy it either by ♫Venice♫ Mon September 15, 2008 @ 3:31 PM

Eww! by Casmly Mon September 15, 2008 @ 4:26 PM

by RedheadwGlasses Posted Mon September 15, 2008 @ 12:28 PM

Ick! I noticed this problem at a small grocery store downtown, and I
sent a formal letter of complaint to the health department. I'll
never know what came of it, unfortunately. But tons of stuff in their
dairy case were expired AND MOLDY. That tells me (1) no one is paying
attention and rotating products, and (2) the store may not be getting
enough business to warrant carrying such a wide variety of items.

After that, my coworkers and I decided to stick with the canned and
jarred goods there, and stay away from the refrigerated section.


by ~Fiâi-la-âlea~ Posted Mon September 15, 2008 @ 11:58 AM

Funny you mention it, I noticed that the dogfood at our Safeway had
many bags that are a year past expiration too. Now I'm going to check
other things more diligently!


by Blackrack Posted Mon September 15, 2008 @ 9:41 AM

I've got to admit, I always check the dates in the store, but there's
no excuse for letting stuff sit on the shelves past their best-by
dates. I'd be disgusted if I ate some rancid tartar sauce...

This might be an honest oversight; I hope your letter brings it to the
store's attention.


by StoicGrrl Posted Mon September 15, 2008 @ 8:44 AM

I'm kind of a baby about expiration dates personally; I have a hard
time using food even on its expiration date. So even though
intellectually I know Venice is right, I still would be horrified to
find expired food right there on the shelf!

When I first saw the headline of this letter, I assumed you meant one
item that was maybe a few days out of date. That does happen
especially in a large grocery store since there are so many food items
and mistakes do happen. But for multiple items to be so far out of
date (2 and 3 months past?! Yipe!) is a pretty clear problem with
someone not doing their job.

I wouldn't shop there either, and I'm glad you let them know about it.
I have one question - did you talk to anyone in the store? I can see
not doing that if you were in a hurry just picking up a few items, but
I'd hope that if you told them about it they quickly fixed it.


by ♫Venice♫ Posted Mon September 15, 2008 @ 3:17 PM

but then I started doing some experimenting. Eventually I realized
those dates really are just a guideline, especially on canned and dry
goods. The good old smell and taste tests are the best ways to
determine how fresh something is. I would never BUY anything that
was already expired though. And I'm a fanatic about milk being fresh.
I always open new milk for my cereal if the used one is near the
expiration date.

I was just telling my daughter that in all the years I've been
cooking, I have never had an egg go bad. I've used eggs a month past
the expiration date, and they are fine. There is a test to determine
the freshness of an egg, which I always do before using expired ones.
Place the egg in a bowl of cold water. If it stands on its end, it's
fresh. If floats, get rid of it.


float by SuzieCat Mon September 15, 2008 @ 4:45 PM

another test for eggs by Dru Mon September 15, 2008 @ 9:33 PM

I'm gonna try that test by ♫Venice♫ Tue September 16, 2008 @ 3:33 AM

raw eggs by Dru Tue September 16, 2008 @ 8:38 PM

Good advice, Dru! by ♫Venice♫ Tue September 16, 2008 @ 8:51 PM

by PoeticTigress Posted Thu October 16, 2008 @ 1:53 AM

in the store, however they kinda just blew me off. I mean they even
had Prosciutto in the Deli section that was brown and yucky looking.
Expired allergy meds, I brought them to the pharmacists attention. It
was horrible. I received a generic email from someone @ Safeway
saying that they would forward the email to the store manager. I've
heard nothing since. I did go in there today, but I didn't have time
to check the shelves, I just wanted to stop by the bakery to ask for a
recipe for a cake that I used to buy there all the time that I refuse
to buy now. Other than that I hadn't been in there since.


by ♫Venice♫ Posted Sun September 14, 2008 @ 11:41 PM

I agree with you, but expiration dates in most cases actually are only
a suggestion/guideline.

"With exception of certain poultry, baby food products and formulas
most all other food product expiration dates are not required by
federal law but are voluntarily provided by food manufacturers. This
does vary from state to state and many states legislate sell-by dates
for perishable foods. According to several sources including the USDA
there are 20 states that require some mandatory labeling for dairy
products. So far we know that Arizona, California, Ohio, and New York
have some labeling laws."

Here is some additional info that might help you decide if a product
is still good after the expiration date:



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