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lg lotus failure rates

Posted Fri December 25, 2009 5:21 am, by dennis k. written to Sprint Wireless

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are you aware of the issues your users are having concerning the lg lotus.
I bought one for my wife at the start of 2009 . we had to have it replaced in June of 2009.
it just failed again. right in the middle of the xmas season. needless to say we are not happy.
I believe the responsible thing to do would be to set up a replacement program.
I have yet to try to resolve our current issue due to the failure on xmas eve and xmas being today.
but I can say if it is not resolved to my satisfaction Saturday , I will be a former 14 year sprint customer .

after reading thru all of the various cell phone forums concerning the lg lotus I can honestly tell you that this phone is losing you customers and it would be in your companies best interest to do something about it.

thanks for your time and attention to this matter


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by Veovis W. Posted Mon December 28, 2009 @ 12:08 AM

no thoughts on the problem with the phone since you didn't say but
just writing a letter with absolutely no details. If it is a hardware
problem your carrier should be able to replace it under the
manufacturers warranty which is what that covers. The warranty,
however, don't cover replacement to a different model so I hope that
is not what you are seeking. Even though the timing is less then
convienant, you are going on the 3rd device but over a 3 month period
so they probably won't be able to give you a different phone for free.
But depending if you get a good rep with tenure like that they may
offer you full discount on purchasing a new one.

Also one thing that I never understood is why you get mad at your
carrier for phone issues? Yes I know they are the ones that your
probably bought the phone thru but they did not make the phone so when
it fails it is not the carriers fault nor do they really have any
responsibility for. Be nice to them and you will get further with
getting a different phone rather then threating to cancel right away.

by Rd T. Posted Sun January 3, 2010 @ 11:04 PM

your comment is logical, but not practical. companies who provide
wireless services and also retail phones that will work on those
services (and make a profit on the retail sale of that phone as well)
shouldn't promote phones they haven't already tested very rigorously,
nor should they sell any phone that hasn't been tested very very hard.
the point is simply that you trust the wireless company has looked at
these brands of phones they are selling and found them to be good
pieces of equipment. when you discover that the phone you bought to
use on your wireless carrier's service is really not well made and
fails in less than a year you realize that the wireless company didn't
really do their homework on the phone they marketed to you. its not
that its their responsibility to do so, but since its not possible for
the average consumer to do rigerous testing on all the phones first
before he buys one, he has to assume that the person who sold it to
him is on his side, especially if its his wireless carrier. now, if
he bought it on a back alley somewhere you might say the wireless
carrier really has no blame here. but if he bought it in one of those
shiney expensive wireless carrier cell phone stores that are
everywhere one assumes if the wireless carrier can afford all those
stores with all that shiny sales floor stuff and the expensive leases
on all the prime locations their stores are in, they you start to feel
like maybe the wireless carrier isn't really working as hard for you
as you thought they were when they let you walk out of the store with
a phone that they probably should know isn't really a very good piece
of equipment. its not that its their responsibility, but it sure lets
a customer know their wireless carrier isn't really interested in much
more than their money. but the fact is, a person buys a cell phone
service and an accompanying phone in order to be able to have the
safety net of the ability to call for help from anywhere at anytime.
while most people don't fall into dire circumstances that only their
cell phone can save them from every day, its having the knowledge that
they could get help from their cell phone if they had it with thme and
suddenly needed help. so, if a person finds himself or herself
suddenly needing help only to discover their cell phone itself has
quit for no apparent reason other than bad design, then they suddenly
are without the help they'd hoped they would have in this dire moment.
and they can't help but be upset with whoever sold them that faulty
piece of phone equipment. and if it was the wireless service who sold
it to them, and the wireless retail stores have ample funds and
opportunity to thoroghly test the products they offer for sale, as
well as easily track customer complaints about products they do sell,
then it becomes clear that if the wireless phone retailer is still
selling junk its easy to see who cares about its customer and who
doesent. this man here is worried about his wife. he wants her phone
to be reliable. he's done some homework and found his family isn't
the only one who has problems with excessive failure rates of this
phone. he bought it from his wireless carriers retail store. he now
knows that wireless retailer didn't do enough homework on this brand.
he also knows the wireless retailer is still selling something that is
unreliable and shouldnt really be offered to unsuspecting people
anymore lest they suffer the same fate he did. but, he's noting that
the wireless retailer is still pushing a shoddy product. which means
the wireless retailer doesn't care enough to both test the phones they
sell properly before they begin selling ANd the wireless retailer also
isn't montioring complaints about the phone very well or simply
doesn't care even if they are monitoring the complaints. so, the
phone remains for sale by the carrier and unless everybody comes in to
that retail wireless carrier store having already done the research
they are assuming the retailer has already done then those people are
going to potentially get hurt. or at least some will when the bad
phone the wireless retailer didn't work hard enough to test before
selling it and then that phone fails in a critical moment for the
subscriber. so, who is to blame? well, its always buyer beware as
the absolute person who should do their own research. but, frankly,
cell phones are complex and confusing and marketed in ways that
enhance that confusion, you would kind of think your wireless carrier
would be your pal and help you out with your research. it would be
nice if the trust you placed in them, even if it is really just blind
trust, was taken seriously by the wireless retailer. the wireless
retailer knows everybody comes in there thinking that the wireless
retailer has already done good testing. the fact that they know this
is because you can't sell millions of the same thing and not
eventually figure that pattern of customers out. so, what is
happening is the wireless carrier retailer knows what expectations
their customrs have of them, even if those expectations are not
articulated by each and every customer, as a general rule the wireless
retail knows they're there in that potential customer. but the
wireless retailer who sells badly designed phones anyway, knowing all
they know from their experience in their industuy means that they
really don't give a hoot about their customer. they never say that
and you can't exactly launch a legal proceeding against them cause its
still always the customers responsibility to do their own research.
but, you know, when you know that somebody could have said something
to you and helped you avoid a costly mistake but didn't and then
proceeded to sell you exactly what they could have warned you about
instead, doesn't make them feel like a friend anymore. it just
doesn't inspire trust. and when you don't trust who you're dealing
with when you realize this is what has happened to you behind your
back, coupled with the fact that buyer beware means you can't do
anything about how they sort of lied to you by omission as they know
you could never do anything about it anyway, well, you realize that
people may be able to do things that are lawful but still not quite
right, and they've done it to you, then you know they just don't care
anything at all about you. and worse they put you in that bad
position, and smiled all the way to the bank doing it when you were
just trusting them and believed they would be your friend, even if you
really shouldn't have been so trusting in the first place, but now you
know they knew about your trusting and decided to effectively use it
to get your business but not really do the real work to earn it, then
you know what you know. and you realize that you had better start
checking around and doing your (neglected) homework. but you won't
forget who did you wrong, even if its not technically "wrong" you
still know they just didn't care. and while its not wrong to not care
about your customers most people would rather do business with
companies who DO care about their customers and who DO go out of their
way to make sure they've "got their customer's back" meaning, they do
the unseen work and they do make sure what they offer is high quality,
and they DO remember that when your wife, the person you love most in
the world is out in the car alone on a dark and cold and stormy night
trying to get back home to you, that she's got that wireless carriers
phone you bought her in that wireless carriers retail store and while
you sit home waiting for her to arrive home safely you are comforted
by the thought that should, god forbid, something terrible happen, she
has that phone and she will be able to use that phone,and that that
phone will work, and she will be rescued and saved and return to your
arms eventually. its in those moments when you're on the couch
waiting in the terrible storm to hear her car pull up outside that
your faith in whoever sold you that phone is tested. and in those
moments you want a phone retailer that only sells things which it has
tested. you don't want one who hasn't tested the phones well. in
that moment, your cell phone retailer, which is usually the wireless
carrier also, you hope and pray was a friend to you and who did all
that you didn't think to do.

so, techically, yeah, its the cell phone maker who should make good
ones. but its the one who sells the phone to you if they are in shiny
retail mall outlets with big pricetags on tiny phones and ridiculous
monthly minutes charges haven't done their homework on the hardware
they sell, and you lose your sweet wife cause her cell phone didn't
work when she got stranded in a ditch with the car rolled on top of
her leg and she digs the cell phone out of her pocket only to find it
was the hardware that failed, and she bleeds to death in the next
several hours before the car is found. gosh, well, hummm, one of the
questions that must be asked is which wireless cell phone retailers do
their hardware homework and which ones don't. and if you've lost your
beloved and your wireless carrier retailer didn't do their homework,
and you blindly trusted them, and they knew you were blindly trusting
them cause they have sold millions of phones by now and will know this
fact even if its unspoken by them, you can easily figure out who
didn't help you when you in your blind trust needed guidance and they
didn't offer it when they knew from their cumulative experiences with
all their other custoemrs, then you realize they just don't care about
any of their customers. there isn't anything you can do about it but
do some homework yourself and switch to another carrier. and bury
your dead wife. and know in your heart what it feels like to be the
victim of an unfeeling heartless corporation, about which you can do
nothing. except switch to another carrier you have researched to be
better. then its up to the heartless corporation to either change
their ways when their customers leave or complain or to do nothing.
and the folks at the top don't care. they will get their fortunes
anyway, even if the carrier goes bankrupt. and those shiny mall
stores close, and their teenage salepeople move on to other low paying
work. and nothing changes.

this is what you're suggesting Veovis. to not hold companies
accountable for even those things that they don't have to do but
really should, cause they have sold millions of phones and already
know what you don't know. and they already know they get blind trust.
so, its the ones who abuse that blind trust that are really not being
good corporate citizens. i'm not saying there needs to be laws that
make things like this illegal, but people can still go online and let
others know whats really going down. and so don't go defending the
cell phone retailer who happens to be the carrier too. they know what
they are doing. and people need to know which carriers who sell
phones in their retail stores too, have got your back and which ones

apparently the company that sold this phone to this man didn't have
this man's back.

people should know this.

you should already know what i just told you. if we don't share what
we know with others, as the cell phone carrier retailer is NOT doing,
while the man here who writes IS doing, who is being helpful? you're
not cause you are playing the blameshifting game by claiming
technicalitys but we all know better. don't teach us to be naive and
stupid by forgetting whats really going on and focusing on the
manufacturer. let the one who buys in bulk from that manufacturer go
back to them and tell them they aren't selling their shoddy product
anymore. that manufactueer will most certainly revise his product
till its a good one cause he just lost in one moment the sale of
millions of phone. if the individual goes back and complains it does
no good. that manufacturer won't care about one stinking complaint
about one phone in the bunch. but if the retailer of the phone
complains about them all at once, well, then the manufacture must

so you see, its really the cell phone retailer, wich happens usually
to be the wireless carrier company who really should be doing the work
here. if they don't they don't care about their customers and if they
do the work i've mentioned here, then they do care about their

who would you rather have as your retailer/carrier?
i think we all know who.
so get real.


millions or phones are sold by calvin b. Tue March 30, 2010 @ 5:26 PM

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