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Poor Customer Service at Cato's (womens clothing store)

Posted Mon June 25, 2001, by Genene G. written to Cato Corporation

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I have a complaint that I want to bring to your attention. It concerns the exchanges and returns at Cato Corporation, and I hope someone can resolve this. The particular store I'm writing about is located at Newnan, Georgia.

Here's the problem: My husband purchased me a dress for Mothers Day. The dress did not fit. I returned the dress for a larger size and higher price.

The manager who served me was rude. I gave her the dress and told her I was going to select another one. As I walked away from the counter, my husband witnessed her pick up the dress and smell it.

When I came back to the counter with a higher priced/larger size dress, the manager acted as if she was busy on floor and told me in a nasty tone "I'll be with you when I can". After waiting several minutes for her to return to the counter, she handled the exchange with an attitude. I asked her what was the problem, she told me that she couldn't re-sell the dress I brought back because it was considered damaged. The tag was removed (hence -- gift!) and it had a light fragrance (from me trying it on!).

However, I saw the dress laying beside the register with the tags reattached. This happened early in the day and I returned to the store later that evening to check and saw the same dress on the rack FOR SALE!!

I know this was the same dress because I initially went to the store to exchange the dress for the same dress, only 1 size larger, but there were no larger sizes. There were 2 dresses left, 1 was a 7/8 and the other a 13/14. The one I returned was a 9/10 and it was put back on the rack!

The associate's ID number on my receipt is 103 and her name badge stated she was the manager.

I frequently shop with your company, so I hope you'll be open to my input. In the future, I probably won't do business with your company. Also, I likely won't recommend your company to others.

Here's how you can help me: Speak to the manager about her attitude towards customers who buy merchandise at your store, and stress the importance of customer service.

She was rude and lied about not being able to sell the returned dress.

Thanks for listening to my complaint. I hope it is addressed.


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by Sarah Saint Posted Mon May 14, 2007 @ 5:27 PM

Cato doesn't sell odd-number sizes.


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