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Consumer Links

Government Resources
Consumer Action
Promotes federal consumer actions.
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Internet Fraud Center
Check here for fraud updates and tips on how to avoid fraudulent activities.
FirstGov For Seniors
And here's one strictly for seniors.
Do Not Call List
Go here to have your phone number removed from telemarketer's call lists.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Rate Businesses
Judys Book
Billed as "your friend's yellow pages". Rising star in the "rate your local services" arena. Currently covers the largest area of the service rating sites.
Angies List
Another rising star in the "rate your local service" game.
One of the original consumer review sites. Features product reviews written by site users.
Consumer Checkbook
Rate the service firms in your area. Learn from other's experiences. Only downside to this site is the limited areas available for rating.

Other Consumer Resources
Consumer World
Links to anything and everything consumer related.
Clark Howard
Savior to the consumer masses on the radio, five days a week.
Better Business Bureau
The grandaddy of them all.
Gives newspaper owners sleepless nights. Not to mention Ebay. Provides a myriad of services. And the best part, it's all free.
My 3 Cents
Public complaint site.
Rip Off Report
Public complaint site.
Consumer Reports
The consumer's best friend. They look out for you in ways you never even thought of.
Long time comparison shopping site. Allows you to compare numerous products and companies while searching for the best deal.
Consumer Search
An extremely focused site that provides multiple product reviews along with insightful commentary.
Consumer Review
Provides user reviews and message boards that revolve around products and services.
Learn instructions on how to do just about anything. Except maybe put the toothpaste back in the tube.
Hoax Busters
Not sure if that story is true? Check here and find out.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Hear ye...hear ye. Find about to protect your privacy rights here!
American Moving And Storage Association
Even though it's hosted by an industry association, this site still has great tips on how to make sure your move goes well and what to do to keep from getting ripped off.
Consumer Privacy Guide
Everything you need to know about protecting your privacy.
Privacy issues and more privacy issues.
American Consumer Satisfaction Index
If you're one of those people w ho just cant get through the day without cavorting in a field of statistics, this is the site for you. Reduces consumer sentiment into a number.
Consumer Price Index
And if the preceding site wasnt enough for you, here's the government's official statistical playground.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Takes privacy issues into the electronic frontier.
Info Please
All the information you'll ever need. And even some you probably dont need.
You're mad as hell at McDonalds because they messed up your burger. Now your anger can know no bounds thanks to this site which allows you to find out how much the president of McDonalds makes. And any other company too.

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