Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Throughout the history of commerce, consumers have been at a disadvantage. They've had less information than sellers. And less access to one another. They've had fewer ways to offer feedback. And fewer choices.

The Internet changes that. The Internet closes the gap that has always separated merchant from consumer. The Internet creates smarter, stronger consumers.

At PlanetFeedback, we are passionately committed to helping consumers use their new power. Here is what we believe. And what we will always do.

We will empower consumers and increase their control. The Internet is the most consumer-centric medium in history – and we will help consumers use it to their greatest personal advantage.
  • We will connect individuals to each other to increase their influence.
  • We will raise the stakes for companies to respond to their customers.
  • We will innovate relentlessly to use the Internet as it expands.
We will earn consumers’ permission to act as their advocate. Consumer control begins with choice – the choice to set the rules by which consumers participate in the marketplace. We respect that choice as sacred.
  • We will serve consumers only in ways they permit and value.
  • We will protect consumers’ information absolutely. And we will empower them to own that information always.
  • We will require companies to respect consumers’ choice, privacy and time, and we will expose those that do not.
We will help consumers reward companies that serve them best. Consumer feedback – positive and negative – is inherently productive. Consumers want value, and they will provide loyalty in return. We are committed to making that exchange easy, frequent and rewarding.
  • We will provide direct, reliable channels between consumers and companies.
  • We will enable consumers to help one another, and enable companies to learn from those relationships in new and valuable ways.
  • We will educate consumers and help them provide feedback that can lead to even greater value.
  • We will lower the thresholds to feedback: time, access, information.
  • We intend to be everywhere, and always on.
We will be available and accessible to consumers whenever and wherever they need us. The consumer will be most powerful when feedback can be provided at the moment, and in the place, in which it is prompted.

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