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  7. Suggestion Box Update
  8. Kissing at the Chili's
  9. Return Policy Will Cost Target Millions
  10. My Son is Also a Customer, Barnes & Noble
  11. Movies at the Hilton
  12. Amazon.com sells pornography
  13. Beating Dead Horses! (no offense to any PETA supporters!!!!)
  14. 3 yr old injured
  15. The CDC is wrong....would you want my blood?
  16. Removal of Emily Gillete from Delta Flight 6160
  17. Turned away on Christmas Day by Blockbuster
  18. Inconsiderate Wait Staff
  19. MERRY CHRISTMAS at Target is a dirty word!
  21. David Letterman is Not a Gentleman!
  22. Target's Refusal to Issue a Credit
  23. Rip Off Pizza Joint and only Average Pizza
  24. Kicking Off An Autistic Child Is Bad Business, American Airlines
  25. Attention All PFB Users - A Terms Of Service Update


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BofA Won't Honor a BofA Check?
Posted Mon July 14, 2014 3:49 pm
2 replies, Last Updated: Mon July 14, 2014 10:45 pm

I had BofA cut and mail a check to my contractor in Medford Oregon who went to cash the check that turned out to be from "Northern Trust" - a proxy bank for BofA bill pay. BofA refused to cash it for him because "it wasn't from BofA and he didn't have an account." Are you people insane? IT'S YOUR CHECK. YOU WROTE IT. YOU...

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Loan Reconsideration
Posted Thu July 10, 2014 10:59 am
1 replies, Last Updated: Thu July 10, 2014 11:20 am

I am an 19 year old part time soldier, scout leader, student, and full time worker. I ran into some trouble with my job and was laid off along with 26 other workers who dedicated their time to the company. Too proud to take unemployment I worked on and off on temporary jobs to make ends meet, unfortunately that was not enough. My fortune changed...

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Late fee, interest
Posted Fri June 13, 2014 11:32 am
2 replies, Last Updated: Thu June 19, 2014 7:51 am

I am a good customer, always pay my bills on time. For some reason, I did not get my May credit card bill (HHonors Visa Signature card). When I received the June bill, there was a $15 late fee, plus interest added to the bill. I wrote a secure e-mails asking that the late fee and interest be waived, as I am a good customer. This request was...

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Credit Card Denial
Posted Tue June 10, 2014 10:03 pm
4 replies, Last Updated: Tue June 17, 2014 5:07 pm

I just applied for the Citi Simplicity credit card and was told online it requires further processing, so I called the recon number. My Fico ranges from 676-706. , I want an explanation. The lady from Citi was very rude and she couldn't give me an explanation besides saying my score wasn't good enough. Look and my report. I always pay my bills...

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Blatant Disrespect, Discrimination and Violation of ECOA
Posted Sun June 8, 2014 9:14 pm
19 replies, Last Updated: Sat June 21, 2014 6:49 pm

PART 1 of 2 Thought it was important to share my experience with the community and public, especially with those who are in the Minority group or who have friends, family, colleagues in this group. I did give PNC the opportunity to make things right, but to no avail. This is written in a way to protect my identity as applicable. This has...

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Non-Customer Focused ATM Card Decision
Posted Mon May 12, 2014 10:26 pm
4 replies, Last Updated: Tue May 13, 2014 5:04 pm

Today I received a letter from Jennifer Myhre, Senior Vice President, Chase Consumer and Community Banking stating that my second ATM card for my checking account which I use regularly will be closed "for my protection" since your bank will now allow only one ATM card per person on a deposit account. When I called the number on the...

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Posted Tue April 22, 2014 4:07 pm
4 replies, Last Updated: Mon May 5, 2014 11:20 pm

Former wife and I have joint mutual fund account with Fidelity Investments. We asked how do we liquidate this account and have the money sent to us. Fidelity Rep, says type a letter saying how money is to be divided or given and get a Signature Guarantee at our local bank. Former wife lives in another state. Fidelity says we can have 2 letters one...

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Declined for Citi Forward Card Credit Limit Increase and Citi Dividend Visa Account for College Students
Posted Tue April 15, 2014 10:09 am
1 replies, Last Updated: Tue April 15, 2014 11:59 am

I have been a loyal customer with this bank for about seven months when it comes to having a credit card and well over a year in general with their services. I've always paid on time (often making more than minimum payment) and kept my account in good standing. Overall, I'm very grateful they gave me a chance to build my credit but I tried to ask...

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SCRA Refund and Goodwill Adjustment
Posted Wed April 9, 2014 6:12 am
2 replies, Last Updated: Thu May 1, 2014 7:49 pm

I had an all but flawless payment history for my Geico Credit Card from Merrick Bank. I ended up missing a single payment in March 2008 while I was away for Army training prior to a deployment. I was not aware of my benefits/protections available to me from the Service members civil relief act (SCRA). I recently sent notification for...

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Beware of Citibank - their errors will cost you money if you don't pay attention
Posted Wed March 5, 2014 7:53 pm
8 replies, Last Updated: Mon March 17, 2014 10:22 am

I was a loyal Citi card holder for over 20 years and always in good standing. I made a rare purchase on my Citibank credit card right before I moved to a different state. Even though I had given them my new address, I never received a bill or statement at my new address and forgot about it. Since we don't actively use this credit card, I rarely...

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