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  20. MERRY CHRISTMAS at Target is a dirty word!
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Doubt you'll even read this message given your customer service quality
Posted Thu December 11, 2014 10:31 am
1 replies, Last Updated: Fri December 12, 2014 6:24 am

Your technician helped install TWC internet and connect it to my wife's home office equipment. It was immediately obvious that the wifi speed was not up to par, but he did not inform us that we would NEVER achieve optimal wifi speeds AND have intermittent connectivity problems due to your router's incompatibility with my wife's equipment. ...

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system sold to me was not what it was advertised at
Posted Mon December 8, 2014 4:52 pm
3 replies, Last Updated: Wed December 10, 2014 9:56 am

I ordered a dell venue 8 pro tablet on the 29th of November. The tablet was supposed to have a windows 32 bit and 64 bit OS. the tablet was supposed to have an UP to 1.8ghz processor. what I actually received was a totally different configuration. it only came with a 32 bit OS and the processor was at 1.33 ghz not up to the 1.8 ghz as...

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product not what i paid for system specs was totally different
Posted Mon December 8, 2014 4:34 pm

On November the 29th I ordered a dell venue 8 pro tablet from Dell..it was on cyber Monday from the refurbished section.and it stated in the order the specifications was to include a 32 and a 64 bit Operating system.It was supposed to have a processor of up to 1.8 GHZ ...Yet what I received was a tablet with only the 32 Bit OS and the processor...

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Laptop under warranty sent back with falsified photos and incomplete
Posted Sun October 19, 2014 4:42 pm
2 replies, Last Updated: Mon October 20, 2014 7:45 am

I just recently sent my laptop in for repair after the touchpad wasn't working. HP said that they would be in contact with me through it being sent to the repair center. I never heard back and finally got an email saying the repair was above economic cost of replacement. I gave a call back to the service person at the repair center and his...

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Canon Sucks - Terrible Horrible Bad Customer Service
Posted Thu October 2, 2014 9:51 am
12 replies, Last Updated: Wed October 8, 2014 12:56 pm

A year ago I bought a Canon 70D and installed the software. A week ago I went to their website and downladed an update for Digital Photo Professional (DPP) from 3.13.?? to 3.14.??. Ran the update and the program stopped working. The error was DPPDLL.dll not found. Following canon's support instructions none of my Canon software, for...

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bad customer service
Posted Fri August 29, 2014 4:33 pm
1 replies, Last Updated: Fri August 29, 2014 4:45 pm

I have purchased a linksys router made by Cisco and called customer service to get help when I could not get it up and working they did a remote to my computer and said we can help for a FEE, why when you buy a NEW router do you have to pay for customer service..... I would like them to help fix the problem, If it can be fix remotely why...

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Terrible Customer Service
Posted Wed July 9, 2014 2:17 pm

I am still angry as I write this. I purchased an Hp laptop last year. I had issues with it within the first few months and I had my first experience with Hp’s “customer service”. It was so bad that a specialist took over and because of the horrible service she was kind enough to offer me an additional 2 year extended warranty on the laptop. It...

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Dissatisfied in Dell Customer Service.
Posted Sun July 6, 2014 4:54 pm

I purchased a desktop computer from dell on April 12, 2014. When I purchased it I also received an electronic gift card from them for my purchase because of a promo. The gift card was emailed me to with a total of $278.00 on May 1, 2014. Not having a immediate need and with the gift card not set to expire until July 30, 2014 I looked around on the...

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Why won't you let me buy a damn computer?
Posted Tue June 10, 2014 7:27 pm
10 replies, Last Updated: Fri June 20, 2014 3:56 pm

I placed an order for a desktop a week ago. I never received an email confirming the order, nor was it ever shipped. I let it go because I was being patient, but after a week I called in to find out where it was. I was told that my order was on verification hold, and to call the verification department to do something or other. I tried that and...

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Dear Highers
Posted Wed April 23, 2014 6:20 pm
1 replies, Last Updated: Thu April 24, 2014 8:14 am

I want to return them - Customer service is poor on Glass support and will let the highers know too, and don't want to be a Glasshole and I see there are a great number of returns already, and it appears these are designed for Business's also. I really do not want to spend the money for a prescription pair too, may reconsider if I can get to a...

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