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Posted Wed January 3, 2007 12:32 pm, by SABRINA S. written to Jiffy Lube

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Why in the world does Jiffy Lube charge $79.99 to change 5 quarts of fully synthetic oil when 5 quarts at Sam's or Walmart is $20.83? You can't use the excuse of volume because I am certain that your company also gets a break on oil prices due to volume. There is a reason Jiffy Lube's business is decreasing & I am certain that one reason is price gauging!

Price your services better! Luckily my father is a mechanical engineer & he gasped when I told him the price I was quoted! I will simply wait till I go to visit & he will change my oil from now on! That is a ridiculous price! Even my local Ford dealership service center laughed at that price! That's bad when a car dealer has a better deal than you!


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by a walk alone Posted Sun February 21, 2016 @ 8:35 AM

I cannot believe .. Before uneven went in for a oil change I even call
just to make sure about the pricing with 10 coupon off.was ask what
make and model . I said 2001 Honda accord ... Was told 29.99 but With
coupon no higher then 20 in Sacramento California. So I went and ask
for a oil change only and ihave my coupon ..
15 min later a man camein, did the walk through with oil type .. I
went with high mileage oil ( coupon 10 off 5 quart) . he said ok came5
minutes later he did I was set ... I totally just stood there in
shocked of total came out to be 84.60... What in the heck, my dad
works for Toyota but he recently had a back injury thats why I decided
to take in..

One thing I am gonna do first thing in the morning is to go in ask why
in the heck am I charge with signature service when I did not ask for
that.. And labor 22.50 air filter 17.99 ... I am really disappointed I
fell that I was win discriminated only because I'm just a girl .. And
I wrntin alone knowin nothing about car...

by Allie Z. Posted Thu October 21, 2010 @ 10:42 PM

Is there any way you can tell me what state the Jiffy Lube you went to
is located in?

by Ed Williams Posted Sun October 17, 2010 @ 9:48 AM

I can go to the Dealership and pay $34.99 for an oil change and hey
vaccuum and wash and detail the interior and exterior with armor all.
The dealership also uses OEM parts and not only that they also top off
all fluids free of charge. The also doa thorough check of the car from
top to bottom brakes and all. So paying $64.99 for basic synthetic oil
change is a rip off. I will file a complaint to the regional manager.
I had a coupon for $ 19.99 oil change and they charged me $ 44.65 for
an oil change.


Regular oil vs Synthetic oil by Art from Mokena Sun July 28, 2013 @ 8:05 PM
by BobRose152 Posted Mon March 29, 2010 @ 5:03 PM

There is another way around the price. I bought my own synthetic oil
with the plan to do it myself as I have since I started driving. Well
I needed it done the weather was really bad so I took my vehicle and
my pre-bought oil to the Jiffy Lube garage. They used My pre-bought
oil and charged me $24.00 to do everything else. But I agree with
$79.00 being a little steep.


by blah-er Posted Sun February 21, 2010 @ 10:07 AM

at jiffy lube, you can get in and out in under ten minutes usually,
they offer most preventative maintenance services, and have friendly
faces. as far as the price goes... other garages are full service,
which means, they do brakes, engine repair, tires, etc. they can
afford to charge less money for an oil change (which is recycled oil
anyway. Jiffy lube only does preventative maintenance all day every
day. Jiffy lube washes your windows, vaccums the floors, they check
all of the fluids and top them off if needed, the lube suspension,
inflate your tires. and offer a top off program where you can get any
of those fluids topped off in between oil changes.

in closing, i wouldn't go to an oil change expert for a muffler. why
go to a muffler expert for an oil change?

by peter s. Posted Tue September 8, 2009 @ 4:11 PM

Wow, don't be a grump. The price IS too high. The reason I got on
here is because we just got ripped off by them. None of the minor
important repairs were made. They did "clean" battery cables that did
not need cleaned and charged ten bucks for THAT! They wanted $20.00
for each additional quart over their standard because we have an SUV
that takes more. TWENTY BUCKS PER QUART!!! Shame on you!!! My wife
did the deal and she told them she flat out refused to pay it. She
DID pay ten bucks for each addl quart, which is, come on--STILL too
much. If you want to make all your money at once and never want to
see the customer again, that's the way to do it. I'll never let her
take the car in again. Yes, I can do it myself, or, I can take it
just about ANYWHERE ELSE and get a better deal. Shame on you for
being a jerk. You're defensive because you got caught! Way to go
Sabrina for posting this and alerting the world!


Robbed at Jiffy Lube by Cheryl H. Fri November 2, 2012 @ 4:43 PM

Extra charges? by Art from Mokena Sun July 28, 2013 @ 8:37 PM
by phase1775 Posted Fri September 5, 2008 @ 11:36 PM

Well, if you want an oil change for $21, do it your damn self!!!! The
cost breaks down like this: you not paying just for oil & a filter,
you're paying for a service. In addition for paying for the oil and
filter, you pay people to put that oil in your car and put a filter
on. You also pay them to make sure you cars fluid are topped off, ie
transmission fluid, differentials if any, washer fluid, power steering
fluid, lubricate the chasis if necessary and to wash your windows and
vacuum the floor. Who else on the planet does all that??? Walmart?
Dealership? NOT!!! ANd by the way, the price of oil is through the
roof and no one makes $4/hr anymore. If you don;t like the prices,
again, do it yourself! Oh, and for those of you who get pissed at the
technician that can't reset your oil light, learn to do it yourself!!!
It's your car, not mine!


by brian c. Posted Sat May 31, 2008 @ 12:37 AM

One thing to check would be brand of oil used. Most dealerships will
have a " house oil " that is synthetic but of questionable origin.
Jiffy Lube will be using only Pennzoil full synthetic motor oil.
Owners of BMW or Porsche vehicles are amazed at how cheap a Jiffy Lube
full synthetic oil change is compared to their dealers. Same goes for
Hummers. I'm not sure where you are checking prices but a Wal Mart
full synthetic change is WELL above 20 dollars. Wal Mart also operates
their service centers at a loss with the intent of the shopper
spending much more while waiting for their vehicle to be serviced.
Ever wonder why there is nobody ahead of you and the quoted wait time
for your oil change is " about 30 minutes " ? That is company policy.
More time in the store is more money for them. I worked for them
approx. 3 years and that is what were taught to do. Most Jiffy Lube
stores have adjusted their premium oils to have the same cost of goods
as their basic oil change. That is why the price is so high. 79.99 for
synthetic gives the same profit percentage as 30.99 for a full
service. With Jiffy Lube you get the total package. Fast service, best
training program bar none in the industry and products that you can

by tls Posted Thu January 4, 2007 @ 8:10 PM

$80 for an oil change is outrageous! Do it yourself its really
simple, or have your dad do it. I always change my own, or my have my
husband do it for me. If we're really busy or its really cold out and
we dont want to be bothered I stop at a local oil place and they
charge $20. Do they have that price listed anywhere visable? I can't
imagine too many people willing to pay that amount for a lousy 10 min
oil change.


by RedheadWGlasses Posted Thu January 4, 2007 @ 7:27 PM

I use only synthetic oil for my vehicle, and it costs around $50 every
time. $80 is INSANE. Take it elsewhere. The guys at Tires Plus and
Car X have treated me great.

Ask around -- friends, neighbors, family -- and find out where they
take their cars for oil changes.


by prisoner6 Posted Wed January 3, 2007 @ 9:03 PM

I pay a bit over $40 for a synthetic oil blend (5 quarts) so paying
twice that for fully synthetic does seem a bit much. However, I
totally trust the Jiffy Lube I go to. I'd never trust Wal-Mart or
Sams with my vehicle. $20.83 seems too cheap.


by calm Posted Wed January 3, 2007 @ 1:18 PM

Not being a driver, I can't speak to this with any authority

But it looks to me as if they do a whole lot more than just change the
oil. If Sam's and WalMart are also topping up the transmission fluid
and inspecting the antifreeze levels and so on, then it sounds as if
Jiffy Lube's prices really are not competitive.

But I don't think Sam's and WalMart are where I would take a car I had
to ride in. Maybe that's ridiculous of me.

Your dad sounds like a great person to do this for you, though. His
daughter rides in that car, and I bet nobody is going to care more
about your safety than he is.


What a great response!! Thanks N/T by Gino Version 1.2 Sun January 7, 2007 @ 11:08 PM

well, let's see here by blah-er Sun February 21, 2010 @ 10:06 AM

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