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JLPowell.com is Cheating Their Customers

Posted Mon February 20, 2012 9:07 pm, by andrew h. written to JLPowell.com

I placed order #31499313 with JLPowell.com on 2/19/12. The next morning at 8am pst I emailed, then phoned JLPowell.com requesting that this order be cancelled (I had attempted to cancel by phone on 2/19 but their offices were closed).

Even though two phone reps (including a supervisor, "Patricia") readily admitted during my call that although my credit card had not yet been charged and my order had not been shipped, they would not honor my request and that it was "...too late in the day to cancel."

Upon further questioning, they reluctantly admitted that due to the Presidents' Day Holiday my order was in fact not to be shipped on 2/20 since UPS was in fact closed. Nevertheless, they unreasonably still refused to cancel my order without ever giving a coherent explanation why.

Later that day, an email from "Shannon" at JLPowell "Customer Service" also informed me that my cancellation would be ignored, again without explanation. Further, I would need to wait for the merchandise to arrive at my home, then fill out a form on the JLPowell website as to why I may be returning and finally: that I would be forced to pay for return shipping and my refund could take as much as two months from the point my return reaches JLPowell.com!

JLPowell's treatment of its customers is completely unacceptable by any standard.

They have an unspoken policy to never allow a customer to cancel an order before it ships. Now, they claim the right to hold my payment for over two months for an order that I cancelled both by phone and in writing 14 hours ago!

Quite simply, it is unethical and unreasonable to not honor my request for cancellation.

JLPowell.com must refund my money immediately.


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by tali Posted Wed February 22, 2012 @ 7:08 AM

Call your credit card company and tell you have cancelled this order
and what has transpired, perhaps the will block the charge. When the
package arrives, refuse delivery. They will take it back and send it
back with no charge to you.


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