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Inadequate credit limits

Posted Fri April 27, 2007 2:53 pm, by Jeremiah R. written to Juniper Bank

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I have had a Juniper Sea Miles credit card for almost 2 years now, and have never been late with a payment. My credit limit of $1,700 is the lowest of any of my credit cards. Just today, I have decided to book a cruise on Carnival for this summer, and I wished to use my Sea Miles card to earn miles. With such a small limit, I called the customer service number and spoke with a representative about increasing my limit to $4,000. He explained that I was due a $100 increase, and that was all he could do at this time. I politely told him that was grossly inadequate, and I would not use the card at all. I have one card with a $8,000 limit. I have a GM card that started out similar to the Juniper card at $1,500. In 2 years, this card now has a $4,800 limit.

Raise my limit to $4,000 or $5,000 dollars immediately so that I may use it on a Carnival cruise.

coping this to Carnival also.


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by Jeffrey Posted Fri April 27, 2007 @ 4:26 PM

I don't know if this is the case, but you might want to look at the
order in which you got these cards.

Credit card companies look at how much total credit you have. Not
just from them, but everyone else.

Let's take an example. Suppose your credit score says that you're
"worthy" of $10,000 in credit.

If you have 2 credit cards, each with $4,000, then each would be
willing to raise you to $5,000.

If you then try to get a third card, they'll see that you're already
"tapped out" and they will not want to extend you credit.

In your case, the fact that you have a $8,000 limit on one card and a
$4,800 limit on another means that you have $8000+$4800+$1800 (the
last one being your Sea Miles card with the $100 increase) or

Now, you're asking for a $4000 limit. If they did that, that would
bring your total outstanding credit to $16,800. If you're "credit
worthiness" is only $14,600, they're not going to want to extend you
credit beyond your worthiness.

The best thing to do is to NOT hold too many cards. Just 2 should be
sufficient for most people. That way, you're splitting your
"worthiness limit" between 2 cards. If you have 4 cards, that means
that you're splitting amongst 4 cards. Bad idea.

All of this said, some companies are more conservative than others.
Some will be willing to let you stretch, while others want to make
sure that you have a larger cushion.

In the end, if a card isn't working for you, drop it.

Personally, I have 1 credit card that I actually use for everything.
I have 1 backup card (which, being a card I've had for a long time,
actually has a higher limit than my main card). That's it. I'd don't
play games trying to match one of a several cards to the "deal."


by calm Posted Fri April 27, 2007 @ 4:20 PM

They don't owe you enough credit to allow you to buy something on the
card just because you want to. They don't owe it to you to make the
same decisions that other people make.

So I would suggest that, rather than focus on why you want the extra
credit, you try explaining to them why it is in their best interest to
give it to you. Threatening to quit using the card the first time
they give you an answer you don't like does not suggest that if they
give you an answer you like now you'll remain loyal even if you don't
like the next answer they give you.


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