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Furious over warranty claim

Posted Mon August 9, 2004, by James R written to Kane's Furniture

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I would like to call your attention to a problem involving exchanges and returns at Kane's Furniture, and I hope you can address this issue. Quite frankly, I'm livid about this.

We purchased a mattress and box spring from your store in Casselberry, FL in December of 1998. When we bought the bed we were told it was during the buy the mattress get the box spring free sale. At that time we also purchased the stain guard guarantee. In May of 99 we had to have the stain company come out to try to get out a stain. They ended up having to replace the mattress. When they brought the next bed out I immediately sent it back since there were stains on it that appeared to be mildew. After the 3rd mattress I was told our original mattress we purchased was discontinued and they brought out a comparable mattress. We are being told we paid 600 for the bed. We now have another stain in the bed and the stain company sent out a tech and he couldn't get the stain out either. My husband also called the kanes we bought the bed from and told them that he thought there was something wrong with the springs in the box spring. The tech came out and agreed with us. We were told we would hear from your company in a couple of days. We waited 2 weeks and called the store and spoke with Mattie. She told us the service manager said the material had just loosened up on the sides. How would he know, he didn't come out and look at the bed, the guy that looked at it said it was the springs. So we knew then we were going to have problems with your company regarding this matter. Mattie was to have someone call us back. We never heard anything. Today my husband called the store and we were told all we had to do was come into the store and pick out a bed. When we went in we were given a sales person to show us the beds and try to talk us into something which costs more of course. The girl at the desk told the salesman to show us the beds and she would let him know the amount we had to work with. While we were looking the salesman came back and told us 600. The bed I originally bought was a serta pillow top mattress queen size. There was not one Serta queen size bed under 799. We were told we would have to pay the difference. I was furious. The girl called over a sales person whom I guess had sometype of seniority and all he wanted to do was argue with us. The first salesman told us we could just get the money back and go elsewhere, and we decided to do just that. When we asked to speak with a manager we were told there wasn't one in the store today. What, you have got to be kidding me! This store wants me to pay more for a bed to be replaced that should be covered under warranty! I told the man no way. First off we bought this bed during a supposed buy one get one sale, so why am I not being told to look at a bed in the 1200 range? Purhaps it wasn't really a sale at all. That's one for the News Channels

After what happened, I won't recommend your products to others. I won't buy from you ever again.

Here's what I'd like Kane's Furniture to do about this: The cheapest serta pillow top in the store was 799 for a queen. I expect to get at least the bed that is 799 since that is the cheapest price offered. I would like to get the 1200 option since that is the actual price of the bed we purchased aside from the buy one get one price after all isn't it? The sales person told us it wasn't the stores fault the bed was discontinued and that they don't have anything in the price range. So oh well to the customer? When you buy something with a warranty and the item needs to be replaced you certainly don't expect to have to pay more for the item to be replaced. I feel we have been totally shafted by your store and will never do business with them again.

Thank you for your time. I hope you can respond within 10 business days.


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