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Benchtop brand Tools

Posted Fri January 25, 2002, by David B. written to Kmart

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I would like to bring your attention a complaint I have about the exchanges and returns at your store, located at Edwardsville, PA. Specifically, I'm writing about exchanges. I am frustrated and annoyed by this, and I hope you are able to resolve this situation.

I work on cars alot. I have been buying Benchtop tools from Kmart for years now. They are supposed to have a lifetime warranty on them. I have never had any problems returning a broken wrench or ratchet, that is why i have always bought Benchtop tools from Kmart. Just like Sears always stood by Craftsman Kmart did the same with Benchtop. If a tool were to break all you do is take it to the store (the brand is stamped right on the tool) and they would replace it no questions asked. Today i tried to return a broken ratchet and they told me they could not exchange it without a receipt. I bought that rachet years ago so I didn't hang on to the receipt. So what do I do now? I would probly say that I have over $1000.00 in Benchtop tools. I only purchased them because of the easy convienance of the lifetime warranty. If I were working on a car and something would happen to break I could just hop in my car and go get another one. But not anymore. I know Kmart has been going through alot. But that is no reason not to stand behind there products (They are the only store in the area to carry Benchtop brand tools).

I seriously doubt that I will ever buy from your store again, and I will urge everyone I know to steer clear as well. In the past, quite frankly, I've been fairly dissatisfied with you.

Here's what I'd like to see Kmart do about this: I would like Kmart to keep doing what they have always been doing and stand behind there Benchtop line of tools.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response.


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by Bobby O. Posted Sat February 6, 2016 @ 2:50 AM

Now that Sears has their hands into Kmart they won't honor Kmart
warranty of their tool line Benchtop Pro and discontinue selling the
Brand and are force to sell Sears made in China Craftsman junk tools
the Benchtop Pro series was a better tool any day than today craftsman
even Harbor Freight Tools honors their warranty on hand Tools Not
Sears or Kmart they want you to buy another new overprice cheap made
in China tool and good luck if you don't have a receipt to exchange it
I am so glad Sears won't be around much longer after Many years of
America supporting this Store Nation Wide they are not the same store
our parents and grand parents shopped at.

by Don J. Posted Sun June 28, 2009 @ 9:35 AM

So, What happened? I only have a couple hundred in the K-mart
benchtop line, Sorry to hear about your thousand, hope this has a
happy ending. I just went on line to try and find a benchtop 1/4 drive
ratchet to match my set, couldn't find anything, So I googled what
happened to Kmart benchtop tools and came up with this crap (must of
read 5 different complaints) Did you ever get an answer? Do you have
Anything you can pass on? Thanks...


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