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Lied to By La-Z-Boy

Posted Tue May 19, 2009 12:00 pm, by James B. written to La-Z-Boy Incorporated

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We have been La-Z-Boy furniture customers for over 30 years. On Sept. 16, 2004 Hurricane Ivan took everything we owned. We have just completed the construction of our new home and went to the La-z-boy store in Pensacola, FL to purchase furniture. On 3-26-2009, Inv. 210336 we purchased two sofas and two recliners for a total of $5,245.73. All of this went fine during the purchase. We were called last week and told that our furniture had arrived and would be delivered on Monday 4/18/2009. We were advised that we would receive a call to let us know when the items would be delivered.

At 1:00 PM we were told that the truck was in our area and that it had only two more stops and would be out to our home. I called at 3:00 and was told that the truck was back at the store and would be leaving to come our way. At 4:00 I called again and again was told a direct lie, again by the people working at La-z-boy, Pensacola.

I finally received my furniture at 6:10 PM.

It seems the lady that owns and operates three la-z-boy stores called the truck back to the store to move some items in the warehouse. This was Mrs. M! Even thought she was at the store I could not talk with her as she had other employees lying for her about this treatment of a customer.

My twin granddaughters were down from Tennessee and my wife and I were trying to spend time with them, however I did my part in leaving to be at my new home at 2:00 PM. I have now lost 5 hours of time I could have spent with these two little babies, time I will never get back.

I requested that Mrs. M. call me as soon as she could to discuss this terrible treatment of her customers. To this date no call has been received from this lying woman.

I would like to receive some sort of compensation for this treatment and would consider a discount from my invoice of 10% plus the sales tax along with the $79.95 charged by this store to deliver these items.

I personally think that Mrs. M. should loose her la-z-boy dealership over this type of treatment of customers. I will state that if this is not settled I will work diligently to see to it that the actions of yesterday are well known in the Pensacola and Mobile area in hopes to slow sales enough from la-z-boy so that maybe these store will be forced to close.


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by Cori T. Posted Tue November 2, 2010 @ 7:50 PM

October 16th I bought an area rug at a La-Z-Boy showroom that was
moving. I brought it home and rolled it out (a week later, because I
was too lazy to move the furniture right away). Once on the floor I
immediately noticed a stench much like burnt rubber. I waited a few
days for the smell to disperse but the funk hung in the room. I called
and asked to speak to the manager. The person on the phone said 'all
sales were final' and I was stuck with the stinky rug. I familiar with
the phrase "buyer beware" but I foolishly thought that when you spend
money on a new item at a company as large as La-Z-Boy they would sell
quality items. So lesson learned - if you wanted to buy overpriced
stinky crap, go to the La-Z-Boy in Strongsville, OH.

Smelly in Ohio

by kristinarm Posted Sun January 31, 2010 @ 12:47 PM

I hope you did file a complaint with as many people as you could. I
am a former employee of La-Z-Boy, and have had the displeasure of
working with Mrs. M, and you are correct. They lie all the time to
people. The only time you will ever hear from Mrs. M is when she is
on the radio doing their commercials. And even those are a lie.
Please, please, please file as many complaints through as many
channels as possible, including the consumer affairs, better business
bureau AND La-Z-Boy Corporate. You can get their contact information
directly from the website. If enough people complain, they will be
forced to investigate, and possible cause the closing of the business.

by MadWetHen Posted Sat May 23, 2009 @ 10:47 PM

La-Z-boy sucks!
We will never purchase another thing from them again. They DO lie to
you, both on the phone and in person. We returned to look at the
piece we bought, to look at the floor model. It was built completely
different from the one delivered, though they were technically the
same style. We pointed this out to the sales persons on duty at the
time we returned to see if our eyes were playing tricks on us (they
were'nt), and asked for the guy who sold to us, and told, "he's not on
today." OK fine, but can someone deal with the specific problem we are
attempting to report? Can we speak to the manager? Was told, by a
different salesman, "I'm acting manager for today." But he couldn't
address the situation, "You have to deal with the person who sold you
the sofa." OK, fine. I go to the desk and ask the receptionist (of
sorts) to take a note to the manager and to have him/her contact us
about the problems with the sofa. She sits there writing in LONG HAND
all the "complaints" we had concerning our new sofa. There were about
five or six items we thought would support a new sofa built to the
specs of the floor model (I'm not kidding, it was so far off as to be
about 6" higher at the level where you sit)...so she writes all this
stuff down, and even reads it back to me and I go on my merry way
hoping to be getting a call back at some point. Later, I call them,
minimum three different times over the span of a couple days. "She's
not in yet"..."She's out sick today."..."She's in a meeting." I kid
you not!
So, I drop by uninvited (!) one day when I am in the area, and ask for
manager, "Day off." By this time I realize I should be documenting my
experience, and ask the receptionist, could I see the notes you took
regarding the problems with my purchase, to make sure I included
something I thought of yesterday..?
"Oh, I don't have that." Huh? "I threw that away. I just told her
what you said." OK, then, I see what we have here is a FAILURE TO

Suffice to say, they got what they apparently wanted: a sale of a sofa
for $1500, a dissatisfied customer who tells everyone she meets, to
not shop there (LaZyboy, Contra Costa County; Conc/PH...and surrounds)
Come to find out ALL the laZyboys in the entire area are owned by the
same jerk. And he apparently not only never considered that his
business might be diminishing due to me badmouthing them all over the
country, but neither does he care that I am not ever returning for
more abuse!

I found out all the stores were owned by the same guy, because I read
that in California at least, if you have a problem with something from
one store, and there's another in the chain that carries the same
thing, you can actually deal with a different store to iron out the
problems. If I had known that in time, I might have tried harder to
find one not owned by the same BOZO, and that store would have a
faithful customer based solely on them making good on a sale.

There oughta be a law only one store per region can be owned by the
same person. Give someone else a chance to be in the bigger metro

Unhappy ending: never recieved satisfaction from this store, and will
not buy ANYTHING from a LaZyboy franchise again. Luckily, Macy's and
other independent shops do sell L-boy, and if I really want the abuse
from the Mfgr. I can just buy from them!

Oh, one other thing (sorry sooooo long a post!) Check your contract.
It literally said on there (yes I signed before reading)"After we sell
you the chair/sofa/lamp/placemat, all future dealings will be between
you and the Chair Fixing Company, and we have no more obligation to
you for any matter in any capacity." Which is a big fat lie, because
buyers have the "expectation of merchantability" and also, the
Magnussen Act (google it) provides that each and every new product
supplied in exchange for a non-satisfactory one, means your warranty
period starts all over and you have another 90 days/18 months,
whatever you had in the first place, to start fresh with the warranty.

I would advise anyone to STEER CLEAR of LaZyboy Showrooms. If you have
to have it, go to an independent seller, and make them look you in the
eye and EXPLAIN the agreement. Don't be a fool like we were.


by BirmanCat Posted Sat May 23, 2009 @ 12:23 AM

I've read your post several times and I have several questions I think
might clarify the situation:

1) You said you were told at 1:00 p.m. that the truck was in your
area. Did La-Z-Boy call you or did you jump the gun and call them,
hoping to nail down a specific time? It sounds like whoever you spoke
with knew the order of deliveries, but may not have known how long
they would take or if the truck might have to return to the warehouse
to pick up orders before coming to your new address. If you weren't
told a specific time for the delivery and chose to leave your home to
go to the new home at 2:00 p.m., that was your choice and it's not
La-Z-Boy's fault if you went too soon and missed time with your

If this was a bad day to take delivery of your furniture, why didn't
you arrange a different day with La-Z-Boy when they called you the
week before?

2) You wrote, "At 4:00 I called again and again was told a direct
lie," yet you don't say what the lie was. What was it? According to
what you wrote, La-Z-Boy told you at 1:00 p.m. that there were two
more deliveries ahead of you and at 3:00 p.m. you were told that the
truck was at the store and would be leaving to come to your area.
Based on what you've written, none of these statements were a lie.

3) You said that you asked Mrs. M. to call you to discuss the
"terrible" treatment you received. What terrible treatment was that?
La-Z-Boy delivered your furniture on the specified day, as you were

4) You referred to Mrs. M. as a "lying woman." Exactly what did she
lie about? According to your post, you've never spoken with her.
You've already judged her a liar, so why would she bother to speak
with you?

Asking for a discount and the refund of sales tax and the delivery
charge isn't justified when La-Z-Boy did exactly what they said they
would do -- deliver your furniture on the day specified.


Lazy Boy by James B. Thu January 28, 2010 @ 10:06 PM

by ams1001 Posted Fri May 22, 2009 @ 5:57 PM

Perhaps the person you spoke to was not aware that the truck had been
called back by the manager when s/he told you it was on its way? It's
possible this was a miscommunication on the part of the manager and
employee, not an intentional lie.

That said, the manager should absolutely be willing to at least speak
to you and apologize.

by Anonymous A. Posted Fri May 22, 2009 @ 6:14 AM

I agree with Donno. As far as I can see, they never confirmed a time,
and your delivery could have been made any time of the day. How would
you know not going back to the store wasn't one of those 2 stops
before your going to your home? How could they be lying about times
when they never mentioned a time at all? Again, they confirmed that
your delivery would be Monday 4/18, but no time was set. As far as I
can see, they made it within their date deadline. Its sad you were
inconvenienced, but you are owed no compensation.


by Anonymous A. Posted Fri May 22, 2009 @ 6:14 AM

I agree with Donno. As far as I can see, they never confirmed a time,
and your delivery could have been made any time of the day. How would
you know not going back to the store wasn't one of those 2 stops
before your going to your home? How could they be lying about times
when they never mentioned a time at all? Again, they confirmed that
your delivery would be Monday 4/18, but no time was set. As far as I
can see, they made it within their date deadline. You are owed

by Nicole F. Posted Thu May 21, 2009 @ 10:35 PM

I don't think the Pensacola/Mobile area needs any more places to go
out of business. It's bad enough already.

Good luck for the 2009 hurricane season. I have this feeling that it's
going to be a bad one...


by dulynoted (aka duttycalls) Posted Thu May 21, 2009 @ 5:28 PM

While she will not loose her dealership she should apologize for not
coming to the phone to speak with you if she truly was at the store.

Just getting the word out that she is not customer friendly may have
some impact.


by rentalracer Posted Wed May 20, 2009 @ 9:15 PM

I had to re-read the letter-the date of 4/18/09 threw me off. I was
going to say, why did it take a whole month to complain? :)

It's pretty standard with any type of home delivery of appliances,
furniture, heating oil etc or stuff like repairs or cable/satellite TV
installation that they give you a "window" of time they can arrive at
your home....say from 12-5pm.

I know what you went through is annoying but if they were like most
companies they probably would have given you the time you waited for a
time frame anyway. I agree their customer service needs improving,
but a credit of $600-ish is not justified, IMO.


by Casmly Posted Wed May 20, 2009 @ 6:30 PM

Unfortunately, this is the type delivery service that is typical any
more. Just read the many complaints PFB receives regarding delivery
of furniture, appliances, and the repair of appliances. It's almost
as if you should be grateful that you received the furniture the same
day they said you would receive it.

I say almost because they did call you at 1pm to say they were near.
I don't think it is right at all that the manager of this store called
the driver back without the courtesy of a phone call to you. There's
absolutely no reason they shouldn't have called you to say I'm sorry,
we'll be later than planned. I would be upset too that a delivery
that was on it's way at 1pm wasn't delivered until 6pm because of
circumstances caused by the manager with no apology or explanation.

While I think asking for 10% off the bill is a bit much, I don't see
anything wrong with your request that the delivery charge be removed.


by Nate! Posted Wed May 20, 2009 @ 7:55 AM

If you are so dissatisfied with the service, switch to a different
furniture store and speak with your wallet.

This treatment sounds typical of an unorganized company, and I bet
there are other retailers who are prompt and can meet your


by Donno Posted Tue May 19, 2009 @ 8:27 PM

I don't see where they ever agreed to be at your location at a certain
time. They got the furniture to you on the day they said they would.
I honestly don't see, based on the evidence, why they should give you
a discount or refund the delivery charge.

As far as saying the dealership should be lost over this, or the store
closed, I would again point out the furniture was delivered on the
date that was prearranged. Thus, this seems a bit extreme.

Unless the babies are being surrendered for adoption, or there is
marital discord, you whould be able to make up whatever time you feel
you were cheated out of in the many wonderful years to come. Again,
there was no guarantee as to a delivery time. Congratulations on the
addition to your family.

When you called at 3pm, you were told the truck would be leaving to
come your way. It must have, because you received the furniture by
6:10. Also, you say you were lied to at 4pm, but you don't state what
the lie was.


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