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Claims Handling Procedures

Posted Thu November 29, 2007 3:08 pm, by Katie M. written to Liberty Mutual Insurance Co

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I am writing to express my dismay with your claims department. Liberty touts itself as being without equal when it comes to fast and speedy claims handling, but with the experience I have had over the past month, I beg to differ.

On October 24th, my husband and I were in a car accident on the way to work. We both sustained minor injuries and were out of work for 2 days. I called and reported the claim on the day that we were in the accident, for both the collision and the injuries.

Collision Claim-My car went right into the body shop to be repaired. In the beginning stages of the claim, before fault was decided, I was told I would have to pay a $500 deductible. The circumstances of the accident were such that we would not be considered at fault and not responsible for the deductible. It took 2 weeks and several phone calls from me to the other insurance companies in order to get the deductible released to pay for the repairs. I had to do a good chunk of what Liberty is supposed to do for me.

Injuries-still not completely resolved. We are continually unable to contact the representative (XXXX) who is responsible for my claim. Apparently she "locks" the file so that she is the only one who can open it. Depending on who you get when you call, some people will go ahead and find a way to get the information and help you, others will simply transfer you to their voicemail. We are still waiting for my husband's lost wages to be paid to him, more than one month later.

I have nothing but glowing reports for the people who help in the Longmeadow MA office, they are truly dedicated individuals who go out of their way to help in difficult situations. I wish that your claims representatives were able to perform in the same way. It is a disgrace that with the amount of premium I pay each year, I would have to do YOUR job in order to get a situation resolved.

I would like to see Liberty take some action to better train the claims representatives in customer service. I understand that their job is demanding and stressful, but I pay a lot of money to not have to deal with these situations myself. If you are not going to have your claims representatives handle all aspects of an auto accident, stop advertising it. If responsibility really is your policy, Liberty Mutual, take some responsibility for the commitments you make to your policy holders.


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by Harleycat Posted Sat December 1, 2007 @ 8:15 AM

I'm sorry you are dealing with all this. As far as the deductible
goes, that's the way it works. You actually got it back a lot faster
because you did the work. I was hit from behind, which was not my
fault. If I wanted the repair work done quicker, I had to pay the
deductible and then let my insurance company go after the other guys
for it. It took about two months. There is a process they go
through, I forget the name of it.

Lost wages and injury claims take much longer and I think you will
have to be patient. They may be waiting for some information from
your husband's employer.


Thanks! by Katiesmurf Mon December 3, 2007 @ 9:24 AM

by Gino Posted Sat December 1, 2007 @ 4:39 AM

I'm sorry to hear you going through all this, and I hope your injuries
heal well. I only had one incident with Liberty and was treated very
poorly. A small 1400 dollar accident, their policy holder hit us.
Anyway, you've been through more so I'll only say this.

After being treated poorly from them and NOT being a policy holder,
I'm surprised they treat the policy holders who pay policy premiums
this poorly as well.

I hope you get a postive resolution soon.


Sadly, I'm not by Katiesmurf Mon December 3, 2007 @ 9:25 AM

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