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Terrible communication by store #2777

Posted Sat January 7, 2017 12:00 pm, by . written to Lowe's

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On November 26, 2016 my wife and I purchased a new French door refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and gas range from store #2777 in Tarpon Springs, FL. We opted to have the appliances delivered and installed. We were informed at the time the dishwasher was not in stock and it would take approximately 1 week for the dishwasher to be available and that we would receive a call for delivery and installation. We received a call early in the morning on a Saturday approximately two weeks later letting us know they planned to deliver the appliances. We were told at time of sale that we would be called on the Wednesday prior to delivery. The driver arrived at our home and we asked if installation was set up and to our disappointment it was not. We had the driver take back the appliances until installation was set up as we don't have the space in our home to store them. We were told that we would receive a call Monday from the store and rescheduling. We received no call and had to contact the store ourselves to find out the status. Two more attempts were made to deliver the appliances over a 6 week period and at none of those times was installation set up. The last attempt we were told everything was on the truck only to be told afterwards that the microwave was not on the truck and that it was now recalled. At this point we decided to cancel the order with Lowe's since the communication was so bad. Once we informed the store we were cancelling the order it appeared that there was little to no concern for the loss of the sale and future potential sales.
The one bright point of this was Tina at the store was very helpful and polite on the phone. She is the only positive in this experience.
A competitor was able to deliver and install similar appliances within a matter of 72 hours and communicated regularly during the process.
The final straw is the refund on our credit card which has been shorted by $10.00 +/- and now again we have to take our time to call the store to rectify this.

Lowe's needs to improve its customer communications and procedures. Lowe's needs to determine if they want future business from customers that were shopping their stores on a regular basis.


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