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Employee processing return left out items worth $300

Posted Wed November 23, 2016 11:54 pm, by Maria S. written to Macy's West

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I was returning 11 items from an online order at Stanford Macy's on Saturday, November 19.

A gentleman named Steve was processing my return. He did not ask about my receipt preference and just stated the receipts would be electronic. He processed the return in several batches, with a different receipt for each. I requested to print the receipts. After he said he was done, I counted the items I was returning and there were more than I had on the return receipts. He processed one more item and said he was done. I counted again, receipts had 10 items, I was returning 11. He processed one more item. If I did not count the items, I would have walked away $300 short and would not be able to prove anything. I say this from experience because this happened to me at a different Macy's before and I lost the money - the manager I spoke to stopped short of accusing me of trying to cheat but was pretty close. Steve never apologized for his mistake, just proceeded as if everything was normal.

I have no way of knowing if Steve was just being inattentive or trying to steal merchandise, but as a minimum he was making a very costly mistake and never apologized, which is unacceptable. My return is OK now but I would like to make sure this is brought to the attention of Steve's manager so that they have the information in case this happens again. Thanks!


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