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Poor Quality Katie Hill Clothes at Lord & Taylor

Posted Fri July 23, 2004, by Cherie C. written to May Department Stores Company

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I would like to bring your attention to a complaint I have about the product quality at your department store, located at Dulles Town Center in Sterling, Virginia. I hope you are able to resolve this situation.

In spring of 2004, I spent over $250 on Kate Hill brand clothing from the Lord & Taylor store located in Sterling, Virginia at the Dulles Town Center mall. Among the items I bought were (1) a pair of silk pants, (2) a floral skirt, and (3) a blouse set that included a sheer tank top.

(1) The Silk Pants - I wore them once. While I was wearing them, I got approximately 5 drops of water on the pants while drinking a glass of water. To my surprise, the water actually left a stain on the pants...even my dry cleaner could not get the water stain out.

(2) The Floral Skirt - I wore it once. A few rain drops got on the skirt while I was walking across the parking lot from my car to my office building. Again, the water literally left stains on the skirt that even my dry cleaner could not get out.

Never in my life have I owned clothing that was ruined by drops of water - I didn't think it was even possible for water to stain clothing!

(3) Blouse/Sheer Tank Set - I NEVER wore it. When I put on the blouse/sheer tank to wear for the first time, I noticed that one of the snaps used to hold the strap of the tank to the blouse was completely missing. Unfortunately, I had already cut off the tags and thrown them away and I no longer had my receipt. I attempted to return the item at the Lord & Taylor store in Dulles Town Center but the supervisor/manager of the ladies' department refused to take it back. She claimed it had been worn and that she could "smell perfume" on it. I explained that I did try the item on; however, it had not been "worn" and that any perfume she may smell was simply a result of either my trying on the blouse or simply from being in my possession. Unfortunately, she refused to take the item back and would not even give me store credit.

I visit May Department Stores Company about 1-3 times a month. On average, I spend $56-$85 when I patronize your store.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: I would like to be compensated for at least a portion of what I spent on these defective items since two (2) of the items can no longer be worn [and I only got to wear them once] and the store refuses to take back the blouse/sheer tank set.

I am not a wealthy person but I work hard for my money and I do try and buy nice clothes. I have always been a loyal Lord & Taylor customer and I am also a Lord & Taylor credit card holder. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with Lord & Taylor's customer service and the quality of its merchandise. This incident has really lowered my opinion of Lord & Taylor and the May Company in general. I will be doing most of my future shopping at other department stores not affiliated with the May Company.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response.


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by Tamara B. Posted Mon January 11, 2010 @ 10:02 PM

I have just purchased a Kate Hill sweater at Lord & Taylor in Stamford
CT and although it is a cute style sweater, the quality is TERRIBLE.
The original price was 129. and I bought it on clearance for alot
less, but it isn't worth half of what I paid for it. It doesn't hold
it's shape when worn and the buttons are just about falling off after
one wear. I would not recommend this brand to anyone and I would not
buy this brand again.

by Fancy Fox Posted Tue April 14, 2009 @ 3:05 AM

This is funny...I have been a Lord & Taylor shopper for about 20+
years, but at the one at Tyson's Comer, 1 mile from where I live. Kate
Hill is the maker of all my pants and I do like the way the fit.
However, I do know that they do not last me very long at all. I
recently purchased four pair and three of the four have shrunk so many
inches that I cannot wear them at all with my low heeled shoes at all.
I only have one pair now that is long enough for me to wear to work.
I have been looking to replace the three that shrunk but they no
longer have the pants at the store...I guess now I know why. I never
thought of contacting the May Company about the problem I have with
Kate Hill until I read the above letter. My husband counted the number
of pants I have hanging in my closet several days ago because I am
always saying 'I need to buy some more pants'...it is due to the ones
I have are Kate Hill and they have all shrunk too short or look so
faded and worn after just a few washings I can't wear them anymore. I
hate to get rid of them; none of them are really very old. When I do
have cloths that are out of style I do donate them but these are just
too short or look warn before their time. I wonder if the above
person received any compensation for in regards to her problems. I do
have all my receipts if needed and would love to get reimbursed as
JS Daum; jsdaum@aol.com April 14, 2009


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