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Horrible complaint resolution, Rude response

Posted Fri December 4, 2015 2:05 am, by Raymond M. written to McDonald's

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McDonald's Restaurant of Ponca City, OK is no longer a convenient and easy place to get food on the run. Burger King has the motto of: "Have it your way". No straws for the shake, asked to omit the lettus and got extra. Last 2 trips to McDonald's has a 100% failure rate in order accuracy and complaint resolution.

I'm not really sure I want anything else from this store. I could ask to replace the last 2 orders but what would be the point since what I would order and what I would receive would be two entirely different things. Our Ponca City Review Facebook page has a multitude of other people complaining. It might be in the best interest of the local franchise in public relations to start addressing customer complaints and start correcting orders and gift cards could help upset customers return. The Ponca City Review page lists McDonald's in the top 5 worst places to eat mainly because of conflict resolution not being addressed in a respectable manner. Having to pull ahead and park for a special order should mean it's going to be correct. Being told that I should have checked before I left, and that I shouldn't be so picky about the order was rude. Our lg coke and lg chocolate shake didn't come with straws. The big mac was ordered without lettuce, paper taped to big mac box also said no lettuce, opened the box and it had approx 5 oz of lettus.

12/05/2015 00:08 a.m.
Store# 3032 KS# 13
KVS Order 32


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by JeniferAlcala   Posted Sat February 13, 2016 @ 12:22 PM

Great read. I'm not a server but when I pay attention when I go to
restaurants, I can sometimes here people complaining about those
issues. For some reason, a lot of people begin to forget that servers
are actual people, which is sad.

The only times I would get frustrated are when it's clearly the
server's fault -- like if I receive no service and the place is
practically empty, and I can see the server standing around and doing
nothing. Luckily, such things are very rare.


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