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Furious with Menards....poor Customer service

Posted Mon September 23, 2002, by Dave S. written to Menard Inc

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I would like to bring to your attention a problem I had with the overall experience at Menard Inc, and I hope someone can do something about it. The store I'm referring to is located at Grand Rapids, Michigan
on 28th Street.. This incident has left me extremely angry.

This problem involves a door which I purchased at Menards in Grand Rapids, Michigan. First of all the door was a Pella door. I wanted a certain door and it had to be special ordered, which I attempted to do. I showed the sales person the door I wanted and he proceeded to write the order. While writing up the order, another salesperson came up and said the one salesperson was writing up the order for the wrong door, and they talked back and forth. They finally got the order written. After a few weeks the door came in, only after I called them a few times to check on it none the less. They never sent out a postcard saying the door was in, until after I had picked the door up. I left the door in the packaging to protect it, never thinking all this time they had ordered the wrong door.
I had to go out of town to a seminar and I had the construction guys scheduled to install the door while I was gone for that week. The day of installation my wife
calls me long distance to ask why the door they were installing opened into the counter, I said that Menards
must have sent me the wrong door, and I would have to take care of it when I came back. I get back home and try to straighten it out with Menards, and I am talking with the salesperson, who trys to get the manager to come over...the managers reply was "I am busy, you will have to take care of it" I guess that I am very, very upset that I spent $1600 on a Pella door, which cost me $400.00 for the people to install and it is the WRONG door. I spent countless hours on the phone with Menards, and their only suggestion is that I can return the door.........but my question is.........I am out $400 already.....and I will have to spend another $400. to get the door re-installed...........When I built this house a few years ago, I spent a lot of money at Menards, my wife even commented that it was like our second home we were there so much. It frustrates me to no end, that the management of Menards thinks this much of their customers. I know one thing, I will be going somewhere else for all my hardware needs from now on, if they can't come up with a better solution to this problem. I could come up with bills galore of merchandise I have purchased from them while building and working on this house.

As a result of this incident I will do everything I can to avoid Menard Inc in the future, and I will certainly advise others to avoid your store.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: I feel that Menards should let us return this door which they are letting us do already. I also feel that they should order us the door we were supposed to get in the first place, and either come out and install it themselves or reimburse us for the $800.00 it is costing us!! We had the door installed once for $400.00 and it will cost us another $400.00 to reinstall a new one if we return the first one. Now tell me, how do we come out equal? I am currently stuck between rock and a
hard place. The door that we currently have, the wrong one, opens into the counter in our kitchen. We can not put the stools up to the counter and if the door opens too quickly, it will smash into the chairs and the counter.Now that makes a heck of a lot of sense don't you think? The one they were supposed to order opened on the other side a different way......If I return the door which costs $1600. and get the one I was supposed to get..which was around $1000.00 and then you add on the $800.00 I will have to spend to have it installed the first time and then again..I am $200. behind. Now doesn't their return gesture sound fruitless to you. I cetainly am not coming out ahead.
The ladies name in Guest Services who offered this deal is Arlene K. She says the door that I bought does not have a labor warranty. I didn't expect it to......but you think that they would make everything right, when it is their salespersons fault that I received the wrong darn door in the first place!!! Don't they stand behind their customers at all?
Thank you for listening to my long long story.
I will most likely be sending you my shredded Menards Big Card in the mail too........I can only hope that you value customer service like you say you do. Have a good day.

I hope you are willing to address my concerns. I look forward to receiving a response within 10 business days.

I can be contacted at


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by NTGOG Posted Wed September 30, 2015 @ 12:29 PM

I made an order online with menards that was denied with no
merchandise or money exchanged they submitted a reserve on my card of
$502. for a week until I called them and asked them to remove the
reserve. Im thinking this is illegal and now am checking in to taking
this matter to a lawyer. Im also doing my business else ware. Iv done
most of my business with menards since they came to this town approx.
20 years ago but no more

by NTGOG Posted Wed September 30, 2015 @ 12:23 PM

I mage an online charge that was denied with no merchandise or money
transfer they put a reserve for the amount on my card that locked up
$502. for a week until I called them and asked them to remove it Im
thinking this is illegal and am now in the process of filing a
complaint with the better business bureau and if its possible taking
legal action

by S G. Posted Sat November 14, 2009 @ 4:28 PM

I am an employee for Menards in Indiana for 3 years. I work up front
at the Return Desk and know a lot about the policies and procedures.
This situation ashould be handled as follows. Return procedures for
Special Order items is a 15% restocking fee since Menards cannot send
the item back to the distributor and will have to stock the item 30%
lower than its original price, so the 15% restocking fee is to help
cover half of our losses. Now if the mistake was Menards the store
manager may override the 15% restocking fee in order to exchange the
item for the correct one. Also in regards to the cost of labor.
Menards cannot pay for the cost of labor because we do not install
through our company. Instead we do have supplied in every department a
list of liscenced contractors that will do installations, but it is
not at all affliated with Menards because Menards does not install any
of their products. If there is every a problem with the installation
of any items, including doors, windows, etc. you will have to go to
the Service Desk and fill out a Installation Complaint Form. With this
form send in your original receipt of door, cost of labor, receipt for
installation, etc. This form is free postage and after 10 to 14 days
you will recieve a phone call regarding your complaint from the vendor
of the item you purchased. They will discuss how they may resolve the
installation problem and usually send out a replacement part, refund
to be used towards new installation, or whatever applies to the
situation at hand.


by gunnar Posted Tue December 23, 2008 @ 1:00 PM

I too am furious with Menards here in Milwaukee, WI at the Miller
Park store where I purchased a refrigerator with the promise of
delivery between 7am and noon. I received a call at 10:20am stating
they were going to reschedule for Friday..after Christmas. I said
absolutely "NO"! I had already made sure the walkway was shoveled,
salted so it was not at all slippery. They told me the driver was
caught up in traffic. I had a doctor's appointment for 1pm, but that
was not the real issue. I had also torn apart my refrigerator,
ripping off the doors and tossed it out into the snow, I trashed the
bins and shelves, cut off the power cord, put all the food from both
the frig and the freezer outside to keep it from spoilage. Yes, I
placed much of it in the snow. So here I sit with no refrigerator
right before Christmas, with my food outside in the freezing cold, and
snow falling. I ended up canceling my doctor's appointment so the
Store Manager "John" could find someone, someway, to deliver it in the
Menard's has not honored their word! John said he would refund my
money and I could go elsewhere to find another frig and see if I could
get it delivered today, but of course I insisted that he honor his
commitment. I am also a contractor. I have purchased thousands of
dollars of materials from this store, and I am apart of their
Advantage Program. To say I am not a little disappointed is an
understatement as I am presently livid. I am not sure how I will deal
with this issue. This was indeed piss poor planning! I am not sure at
this point what recourse I have, but I do feel they owe me something
for the major inconvenience they have caused by not honoring their
If you have any advice, please feel free to post it here or email
me at holygroundmin_wi@yahoo.com.

by Deliverycoormenards Posted Mon November 17, 2008 @ 9:16 PM

As a Menards employee i know how special orders can be screwed up my
one wrong slip of the finger. My 1st question would be, did you
specify what direction you wanted the door to swing?Second did you
take the contractor or laborer with you to menards when you oredered
the door? This could have saved you a tremendous headache as im sure
the person installing the door has done this on more then just a
couple occasions... And 3rd why did the contractor not look at the
door and open it to see which way it would swing before the
installation??? I have also worked construction and know that if we
were not 150% sure the Item being installed is correct we immediatly
contacted the home owner and made everyone aware of any concerns or
problems. people make mistakes and even fool proff plans can go wrong.

by Hank C. Posted Wed July 30, 2008 @ 12:17 PM

Good luck. I had a customer that purchased kitchen cabinets and
counter tops from Menards. Their experience has left such a bad taste
that they will never do business with Menards again. Their (Menards)
service after the sale is terrible. As a contractor, I stear my
customers toward other suppliers because of this example and others I
have personal knowledge of. If Menards would provide better customer
care I would recommend them. As for now, I do not.


by Ross Mark Posted Mon January 21, 2008 @ 5:43 PM

I can only say that you will not make that mistake again inthe near
future. You should always check your merchandise becuase we are all
human and mistakes are made. You could have saved the $400.00 bucks it
cost you to have it installed. I am a contractor and i spend many many
thousands of dollars every year and i am expected to follow the same
rules you had to endure. I am not sure what you are trying to complain
about, but it seems you feel the falt is all on Menards. You need to
take some of problem on as well. It sounds like you want Menards to
pay for your first and your sencond door installtion, as well as take
back the door and reorder you a new one. You need to think about this
after you have calmed down and put yourself in there shoes. I Beleieve
they doo a good job in most cases, but again they are human. Please
understand i get very upset at Menards on a regular basis, but i can
only expect what is fair. I very smart man once told me that Fault
shall only lie where it is found. Just think about that.

Sincerely Ross


Sure let's blame the customer... by Hardwarenutz Wed April 2, 2008 @ 9:31 PM
by 198555 Posted Tue March 20, 2007 @ 2:18 AM

Menards has a form you can fill out for problems with products after
installation. Show them how much you spent and what exactly was wrong
and they will correct your problem. It is a very large store with
often times not enough workers so you may have to be patient and wait
to speak with a manager. I work for menards and have personaly seen my
manager go to a customers house and instal his toilet for him when you
could not get it to work...even though we knew that the problem was
with his plumbing and had nothing to do with the toilet. I have also
seen managers from cab/apps go to a guests house and reinstall cabinet
doors because they ordered the wrong ones. Be patient and do not be
rude and you will get a solution to your problem. The problem with
customers today is they for some reason come into the store expecting
to get exactly what they want in one nano second or less. Not to
mention you with the special order door...you signed a damned contract
agreeing to what you where paying for...check the model numbers next
time. Joe partimer is human we make mistakes. Moral of my storie is:
good freakn luck at home depot.

by bcye logical Posted Wed November 1, 2006 @ 4:35 PM

I agree Menards has terrible customer service. When I had a problem
at the Melrose Park store IL. the manager said Im sorry there is
nothing I can do. They already took up another 1/2 hour of my time,
so I thought I would call the store manager in the car on the way
home, I checked the receipt for the phone #, guess what no phone #
anywhere! I called after I got home, "Im sorry the store manager is
not here today!" They could not give me a district manager phone #,
so they gave me the corporate #. When you call that number you can
never get a live person, there is just a long winded message about
sending them a letter or a fax and just to sit tite and they will get
back to you! The main problem with "Save big money at Menards" is you
better check the register monitor/recipt for each item because the
price you see on the shelf is wrong at least 25% of the time! If you
have an eagle eye and chatch this mistake they call the department,
who will correct this on the shelf, but tell you that it is not our
problem and that you have to pay full price! I am not talking about a
single or two misplaced products, but the whole row of 6 or entire
shelf! This continues to happen every time I go there, sounds like
bait and switch to me! How about You...


by Dave Kasper Posted Tue May 23, 2006 @ 1:56 AM


I wish I would have read your story before I purchased a lawnmower
there. The store manager refused to return it after I had cut my
grass 2 times with it and it broke. The store manager then tried to
fix it himself and it broke worse. Anyways the manager basically said
its my problem now and that I have to take it into service. I will
never buy anything from Menards. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE


FURIOUS WITH MENARDS by HAROLD MASON Mon March 26, 2007 @ 11:26 AM

RE: RE: Furious with Menards....poor Customer service by S G. Sat November 14, 2009 @ 4:36 PM

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