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Appeal of claim denial

Posted Tue April 27, 2010 7:37 pm, by Joseph R. written to Metlife Insurance Company

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On March 9, 2010 I filed an appeal regarding a FMLA/STD claim extension that was denied due to not receiving the necessary paperwork My defense was that I did actually fax the paperwork but I referenced the incorrect FMLA# because I was given s second FMLA# but was not told at the time that the second FMLA# was customary but to continue to use the orginal FMLA#. At any rate,I was advised initially that a caseworker would handle the appeal and it would take 5 days. I waited that period, called only to be told it would take 45 days. While it has been 45 days, it should not have taken 2 weeks for someone to review the case and the papers that I submitted along with the appeal request to resolve the issue.

The original FMLA# is 0912180180. I submitted the paperwork requesting the extension due to the fact that 1 of my older sisters died on January 1,2010. I was not emtionally fit to return to work. I would like to have the claim denial reversed. I would like to be paid Short-term disability, as requested for the period of December 12 to February 1. I would also like to have the same time period approved for absence as FMLA.


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