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My Points Games Website

Posted Mon December 11, 2006 11:24 am, by Jennifer J. written to MyPoints.com

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Several months ago I started taking advantage of the Mypoints Games website as a way to have a little fun as well as earn points towards the MyPoints account I have had open since 2001. I have been very disappointed and I'd like to tell you why:

While I have never had a problem receiving the points earned for Mypoints.com, I have not received several promised rewards on the Mypoints Games website. For instance, this fall there was a "seventh heaven" tournament--Play a specific and different game every day for seven days and even if you didn't win in the tournaments, accounts were supposed to be credited $10 for taking part. My completed games history shows that I played all seven games on all seven days and I have never received the $10 credit to my account. Emails I sent to customer service were unanswered.

Second, I joined the VIP program because of additional opportunities for prizes such as $25 cash once I earned 45,000 VIP points. However, now that I have enough points, I have been unable to locate prizes; searching on the website all I now find is a mention that earning VIP points will get me more "avatar", whatever that is.

Several attempts to contact MypointsGames customer service for a variety of reasons include the above have gone unanswered--yes, I have made sure to add Mypoints games to the list of emails allowed through my email blocking program so if an email was sent to me, it should have gotten through.

Over the past five years I have been very pleased with Mypoints.com and hate to file a formal complaint but these experiences have made me consider doing so. To me, these experiences reek of false advertising and fraud.

I would like the $10 promised to the Mypointsgames account to be delivered. I also would like to know where the prizes went for being a VIP member. I would also like to be informed by MyPoints Games if there are ever any changes in the user agreement. Lastly, I would like MyPointsgames to acknowledge my emails when I write to ask them a question and perhaps actually respond to them.


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