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Bogus Black Friday Promo for only 8 hours.

Posted Thu November 24, 2016 10:49 pm, by Kathy B. written to NewEgg.com

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Black Friday Promo, Newegg asks you to download their mobile app, and place your order over the phone, and you get an additional 5% discount. BOGUS After I placed an over $500.00 order; I did not receive the discount. The 1-800 number was closed, Thanksgiving. Sat for over 45 minutes in the NewEgg chat room waiting for assistance. Then Hugh F. told me the promo had expired. The promo was good before I entered the chat room, but timed out while i sat their waiting for assistance. Hugh F. claimed Newegg couldn't issue a refund, because they were just a vendor for a third party seller.

One: Hugh should have been happy to give me the discount, and keep me from cancelling the order.
Two: Newegg should be able to give a full refund if the order isn't eve been 2 hours old, not shipped, and still on the property.
Third: If Newegg is only a go-between profiteer, then they should clearly state that. I could have easily gone to the third party and purchased the same item directly. Newegg lies, and is deceitful in their practices.


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