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defective nike air yuba, soles coming off

Posted Tue September 25, 2001, by amanda H. written to Nike, Inc.

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I have a complaint that I want to bring to your attention. It concerns the quality at Nike, Inc., and I hope someone can resolve this. The particular store I'm writing about is located at famous shoe outlet fort chiswell, va.

Here's the problem: My husband purchased a pair of your tennis shoes. Nike Air Yuba,<silver/gray/navy> saize 10 1/2 M. These shoes have been nothing but a headache since he got them. The black soles on the bottom of these shoes keep coming off. We have put these soles back on twice and they just keep coming back off. They come loose on the back and just keep going on down the foot.

In the future, I may do business with your company. Also, I don't know whether I will recommend your company to others.

Here's how you can help me: I think that Nike should send him a replacement pair of shoes, and then we will gladly send this pair back to them. If it can't be done this way then they need to send him to an authorized dealer so that they can be replaced on the spot. The only problem with that is that we don't have a rect. and I feel that they will try to give him a hard time. The purchase price was 64.99 and I know by dealing with customer service that they try to give the reduced prices on items that they have carried for a while.That should not be our probklem, we didn't intend to get a defective pair of shoes that he would have to return.

Thanks for listening to my complaint. I hope it is addressed.


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